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    New Maldives moments – it’s time to enjoy!

    Anyone else ready to start making new Maldives memories again? Well, we are pleased to announce that are ready to welcome you back to our post-card perfect shores! Constance Moofushi will…

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    Constance, Make My Wish Come True

    The promise of sunnier days is just around the corner. We miss you and can’t wait to welcome you back – with an extra touch of sparkle! Things may end but memories will…

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    Memories and Magic: #MyConstanceMoment

    As we hold on to our hope and optimism for an even better and brighter tomorrow, we cannot help but recall and reminisce our good sunny memories.Memories which bring a smile to our…

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    Capture the Sunset in the Indian Ocean

    “It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.” — Bern Williams Sunsets are known as one of nature’s prettiest pictures.The brilliant tapestry of colour at sunset always paint our…