Influencer Diary: India’s Heavenly Escapade to Constance Prince Maurice

Influencer diary
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Constance Prince Maurice is renowned for its heavenly coastlines, crystal-clear waters, endless opportunities for escapades and opulent culinary delights. As a testament to its allure, India Donisi (@winspicegirl) was invited to experience the Indian Ocean’s splendour for the celebration of our annual Music & Wine Event. 

Filled with unforgettable gastronomy, atmospheric experiences and memorable activities – we caught up with India to hear all about her adventure in the Indian Ocean.

Give us an overview of your stay – which resort did you visit?

I visited Constance Prince Maurice in December 2023, during which I spent eight nights for the annual Music & Wine Event.

What was your ‘My Constance Moment’ from your stay with us?

The whole stay was memorable but the best moment was the Music & Wine event lunch at La Kaze restaurant located at Constance Belle Mare Plage.  Here I enjoyed an incredible barbecue on the beach with live music. So cosy!

Can you share a favourite activity from your trip?

I loved playing tennis at Constance Prince Maurice. I hadn’t played much before this – I took a class with an instructor. It was an amazing experience to play morning tennis in between the palm trees.

How did you find the Music & Wine Event? Would you recommend visiting Constance Prince Maurice, especially for this?

The event is magical! It is amazing to taste different wines that are explained thoroughly by the winemakers. Also, the fact that you visit a different restaurant every evening makes it extra special. You get to know the venues and their particular style of cuisine.

Elevate your stay to an extraordinary level with our award-winning, exquisite selection of fine wines – designed to create immersive and remarkable experiences. Renowned for our prestigious reputation, our extensive wine cellars allow you to savour the taste of ‘Old World’ and New World’ wine, boasting over 25,000 exclusive bottles available at Constance Prince Maurice. and Constance Belle Mare Plage.

Were there any experiences that you would encourage others to try whilst staying at the hotel?

I would certainly recommend booking the spa at Constance Prince Maurice. It is a beautiful luxury experience. You get to use the sauna and steam room and can cool off in the cold plunge.

What was your favourite culinary experience during your holiday?

I loved the Mauritian buffet! This was a memorable experience where you could taste all the local foods cooked by the local chefs. So many new flavours to discover.

What tips do you have for people looking to plan a trip to Constance Prince Maurice?

Don’t hesitate to go, it will be an unforgettable experience. Indulge in everything they have to offer. The service is also impeccable.

How did you unwind and relax during your stay with us?

I got a massage at the spa which was lovely. I also loved laying by the beach after lunch and just enjoying the shade and the cold towels the staff provided.

Which Constance Hotels & Resorts’ venue is next on your bucket list and why?

I am dying to visit the Maldives!! I have seen pictures and videos and it looks so stunning!

How would you describe your stay at Constance Prince Maurice in three words?

Luxurious, perfect, unforgettable.

 Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience?

I can’t wait to go back!
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