A Bohemian Rhapsody to laidback living

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Bohemian fashion may be the new trend for 2015 according to Vogue but soft, romantic, nature-inspired living has always been the way of life here.

Laid back living

Laid back living


Designers such as Valentino, Dries Van Norten and Vera Wang uncovered elegant, flowing bohemian-inspired eveningwear collections for spring 2015 which reflect a growing trend for relaxed, laidback living.

Bohemian living on the islands

Bohemian living, an existence of freedom from conformity, creativity and a desire to travel has become popular again in recent years because it reflects our modern instincts about how we want to live.

It is this yearning for a simpler, more romantic world where you can live in balance with the natural environment around you which has attracted people to the islands of the Indian Ocean.

Barefoot living in Maldives and Madagascar

Lie back in your hammock beside your own palm-thatched villa

Lie back in your hammock beside your own palm-thatched villa

Imagine a world where shoes are unnecessary, where the world moves at the pace of a gentle tide and delicious food is grown or caught locally and prepared freshly each day.

At Constance Moofushi and Constance Tsarabanjina, this Bohemian way of life is the norm.

Lie back in your hammock beside your own palm-thatched villa at Tsarabanjina and you can watch local fishermen bring in the day’s catch to be prepared and served at the restaurant that night. At Moofushi you can walk down wooden steps from your water villa straight into the clear lagoon or eat dinner on the beach beneath a starry sky and instantly feel your connection to the world you inhabit.

Bohemian weddings

Weddings in the Indian Ocean have always been a way of avoiding the pomp and conformity that can come with more traditional weddings back home.

Bohemian wedding in the Maldives

Bohemian wedding in the Maldives

Live the ultimate romantic Bohemian dream as you walk barefoot down to the beach and marry the partner of your dreams beneath an arch of local flowers with the Indian Ocean as a backdrop.

Take time to explore

From visiting local markets to trying local cuisines the Bohemian ideal is one of exploration so try to immerse yourself in the local culture and who knows, you might even bring a little of that Bohemian spirit back home with you.

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