Constance Hotels & Resorts Loyalty Programme: Echo Privilege Club

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Welcome to an extraordinary realm where limits dissolve, and bliss knows no bounds – this is Echo Privilege Club, the much-awaited loyalty programme of Constance Hotels & Resorts. 

We understand that a one-time trip to the Indian Ocean is never enough. That is why we have created the ultimate loyalty programme. Echo Privilege Club enables you to visit our luxury resorts time and time again and unlock exclusive benefits as you indulge in the beauty of the Indian Ocean.

What is Echo Privilege Club?

Completely free to join, Echo Privilege Club allows you to enjoy timeless luxuries, exclusive personal touches, contributions to sustainable commitments, discounts, and premium gifts. Designed with exclusive tiers, the more you stay with us, the more you will unlock new levels of privilege, making it second nature to indulge in tailored benefits.

The Tier System:

Designed with your dream escape at the forefront, our Echo Privilege Club tier system encompasses four different tiers, each one with new and unique perks for members to unlock.  

Echo Silver Sea

The Silver Sea tier marks the beginning of our esteemed programme, inviting you into a realm where luxury and comfort intertwine seamlessly. As a valued member of this tier, you’ll be greeted with an array of exclusive benefits as you join us.  

Enjoy the privilege of pre-registration, ensuring a seamless start to your stay, along with a thoughtful welcome gift upon your arrival.  

Echo Golden Earth

Step into the Golden Earth tier as the sun sets on the horizon and you enter a realm of tranquillity and luxury. 

Once you have stayed with us for 10 stays or 40 nights, Echo Golden Earth puts truly bespoke experiences at your fingertips. Enjoy opulent perks such as unique culinary workshops, contributions to green initiatives, wine tasting with our expert sommelier and a 15% spa discount – let us ground you in serenity and comfort, mirroring the peaceful embrace of the earth beneath your feet.

Echo Platinum Breeze

Enter our Echo Platinum Breeze tier and be prepared to be swept away by the refreshing sea breeze of pure luxury. 

In addition to all the benefits of the Silver Sea and Golden Earth tiers, indulge in multiple bespoke experiences, a complimentary bottle of Champagne upon arrival, a courtesy room upgrade, facial treatments and romantic candlelit dinners. 

Let us elevate your senses and whisk you into a world of awe and delight. 

Echo Diamond Sky

By invitation only – Echo Diamond Sky, the highest tier in the programme is where you’ll find that every moment is a treasure beneath the gleaming diamond stars. 

Once you’ve reached this tier, you will be able to enjoy the highest-level benefits including 25% off spa services, and many more. Elevate your experience with us as you soar above the clouds, surrounded by Indian Ocean luxury and beauty.

 Unlocking new luxuries

Only stays booked at Constance Hotels & Resorts destinations after you sign up for Echo Privilege Club will contribute to your rewards and balance – unlock further rewards and elevate your journey with each stay.

To move up the tiers you must fit the requirements of the number of stays since signing up for the loyalty scheme: 

Echo Silver Sea – as you subscribe 

Echo Golden Earth – 10 stays or 40 nights 

Echo Platinum Breeze – 20 stays or 80 nights 

Echo Diamond Sky – By invitation only 

Embark on a true journey of luxury and exclusivity. Join the Echo Privilege Club to unlock a world of memorable experiences and benefits. Click here to sign up.

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