Baobab, a superfood that needs more attention

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Its advocates claim that the Baobab maintains the immune system, regulates blood pressure and makes skin glow but baobab fruit could also provide an income for millions in rural Africa according to a recent article.


Potentially amazing health and beauty benefits

In a feature for Marie Claire, Francesca Hanratty, explains that health and beauty brand Aduna, which focuses on promoting and marketing existing species in Africa to help local communities, is already sourcing the abundant superfood from 1,000 women baobab producers in one of Ghana’s poorest regions.

‘Growing in the driest, remotest regions of 32 African countries,’ Hanratty writes, ‘up to 10 million rural households can supply baobab fruit from a crop that already exists but where currently the majority goes to waste. National Geographic has estimated that if there were a global demand for baobab, this existing crop could be worth a billion dollars to rural Africa.’

Now Aduna is doing its best to let the world know why we should all be including baobab powder in our diet.

The health and beauty benefits

The health claims for the superfruit are pretty impressive. The baobab has six times the vitamin C of oranges, six times the potassium of bananas, two times the calcium of milk, twice the antioxidants of goji and is packed with fibre.

In terms of skincare, research has shown the high polyphenol content could help reduce the visible effects of ageing while the antioxidants will protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Read Francesca Hanratty’s full article on the Marie Claire website.

Visit Aduna to find out more about baobab and where to buy it from.

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