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Constance Prince Maurice wine tasting
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Imagine your perfect holiday sunset. A stunning view, a flawless sky, your favourite people beside you, and, if you’re like us – a glass of wine in hand, perhaps?

For many of us, there are few simpler pleasures in life, than a good glass of wine. It has a place on the table for a family meal, is shared amongst friends during a long overdue catch-up, and a glass is raised by lovers at a romantic dinner.

In the words of Robert Louis Stevenson:

“Wine is bottled poetry.”

Don’t you agree? At Constance Hotels & Resorts, wine is one of our passions. Our hotels across the Indian Ocean are gilded with Wine List Awards from the World of Fine Wine, and we pride ourselves on having an extensive wine collection. Our sommeliers at each hotel are second to none. Their knowledge and expertise take the stress out of selecting the perfect wine.

jerome-faure-constance-hotels-sommelierLet Jerome Faure and his excellent team of sommeliers guide you in your wine experience

However, understanding wine for yourself can unlock a whole new level of enjoyment. That’s why we’ve collated our five steps to tasting wine, below.

So, sit back, pour yourself a glass, and read on, in preparation for your next holiday with us.

Step 1 – Look at the wine

Hold your glass of wine against a plain white background, like a napkin.

wine tasting smellCheck the colour of your wine, like our Jonathan Bauer Monneret, one of France’s best sommeliers

Is it red? Red wines will vary in colour from deep purple to more of bright red. An older wine will have a more faded colour.

Is it white? If so, the colour can range from a lemon yellow to a golden honey colour – with the darker end of the spectrum indicating an older wine.

Is it sparkling? If so, congratulations! ;)

@duyguyagmurdenizer and @guraygultekin celebrating with a bottle of something special at Constance Halaveli

Step 2 – Swirl the wine in the glass

Enjoy swirling a glass in front of the swirling blues at the beachfront restaurant at Constance Belle Mare Plage

The sign of a true wine aficionado, and those who just know how to fake it! The purpose of swirling your wine in the glass is to aerate it and release its beautiful aroma, in preparation for step 3.

Just make sure you don’t swirl it too hard – wine stains on your clothing are a hard look for anyone to rock!

Step 3 – Smell the wine

Chef Frederic smelling his wineChef Frederic shows you how to get the aroma of the wine

Put your nose in the glass, and take a deep breath, to get to grips with the aroma. What do you smell? Is it fruity, spicy or earthy? Trust your nose, and have a go at pinpointing a particular scent – you might be surprised at how accurate you are!

If the smell is subtle, this is an indication of an older wine. Younger wines will have a stronger, more distinctive scent.

Step 4 – Taste the wine

Pour yourself a glass by the ocean

The part you’ve been waiting for – the tasting! To taste the wine, sip from the glass until your mouth is half full. Swill the wine in your mouth, so it coats all your taste buds. At this point, the flavour should [hopefully] match with the scent you identified.

Struggling to identify that flavour? Go in for another sip, and enjoy the moment!

Blue Penny Cellar at Constance Belle Mare Plage

If you’re looking for the perfect place to practice your wine tasting – or indulge in a glass – may we recommend the Blue Penny Cellar at Constance Belle Mare Plage. It’s home to 15,000 bottles from more than 1,300 wineries around the world – plenty for you to taste!

Have you had a wine experience at one of our hotels? Are you planning a trip to enjoy a glass with us? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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