Spa health benefits to bring into your daily lifestyle

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You know what it’s like, you spend a blissful holiday reaching a state of zen-like tranquillity only for it to evaporate on the way home.

Take the calm home with you

Take the calm home with you

But what if you could extend that newfound sense of wellbeing into your life back home, making your holiday a first step on your new wellness journey, instead of a one off experience.

Use what you’ve learnt

Whether it’s an exercise routine designed for you by a personal trainer, yoga positions taught by an inspiring instructor or nutritional advice from one of our trained spa therapists, make a note of expert advice and put it into practice at home.

Spas aren’t just for holidays

Carry on the good work started by the U-Spa therapists in the Indian Ocean by finding a good spa in your area back home (Spa Finder is a great site to help you find what you’re looking for). Don’t be shy to tell them what you enjoyed and what worked for you on holiday and ask if they offer any similar treatments.

Take the scents of calm with you

Olfactory memories can be very strong, transporting us back to different times and places, as well as different moods, so put it to good use by stocking up on some of the products used at your holiday spa and bringing them home with you.

At U-Spa you can buy a range of products packed with scents and oils grown naturally in the Indian Ocean including exfoliates with coconut powder, vanilla and ginger or moisturisers with aloe, jojoba, ylang-ylang and sweet orange. You could even give a bottle of U-Spa Relax Body Oil with ylang ylang, geranium and neroli to your new spa therapist and ask them to incorporate it into a massage treatment.

Create your own soundtrack to tranquillity

Make a soothing playlist of calm relaxing tunes and listen to it regularly after spa visits or moments of relaxation and when you get home it will trigger that same sense of zen-like post-spa tranquillity.

Click here for our list of chilled out soundtrack suggestions.

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