Wedding cake trends for 2015

Wedding cake trends
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The great news is the trend for relaxed, less formal weddings has extended to cakes so now from flavour to colour the choice is yours.

A naked wedding cake

A naked wedding cake

Make a personal statement

With this new found freedom from the traditional white, tiered cake comes a new desire to make cake design personal and unique. Whether it’s a choice of favourite flavour or a design inspired by special memories, brides and grooms are personalising their wedding cakes in 2015.

Colour is key

Now that traditional white is no longer the only colour choice, couples are going experimental with colour this year. Pretty pastels are reflecting the overall colour theme of the day, while bold gold, bronze or silver in icing or edible sequins tap into this season’s hot metallic trend.

If you’ve always dreamt of a white tower cake then use coloured flowers or fruit to add a splash of colour.

Forget formal icing

The trend for un-iced or ‘naked’ cakes continues to grow in popularity this year, fitting perfectly with the laidback bohemian or beach wedding. But just because there’s no icing doesn’t mean these cakes can’t look super-smart with a finish of fresh fruit, flowers or both.

For those who like icing but want their wedding cake less formal, buttercream in a selection of colours is challenging traditional fondant icing in the wedding cake stakes.

Ruffled icing

Ruffled icing

Ruffled elegance

At the other end of the spectrum is this year’s ultra-elegant trend for ruffled icing. Creating a dreamy, romantic finish, the ruffled fondant icing works well in classic white or with this season’s beautiful, bold colours.

Flavour favours

From salted caramel to chocolate orange couples are not only shaking up how the traditional wedding cake looks but also how it tastes. Following the trend for personalisation brides and grooms in 2015 are choosing their favourite flavours for their special cake.

Something completely different

Add a hint of drama with this season’s trend for ‘alternative baking’. From profiterole towers to macaroons or even meringues, our love of baking is giving us fresh inspiration for what even counts as a wedding cake this year. Again personalisation is key, so if there’s a sweet baked treat you love, get a cake designer to pile it up and turn it into a unique wedding cake especially for you.

Discuss your ideal wedding cake with one of our pastry chefs before you arrive with our online concierge service, like this one at Constance Lémuria.

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