Transformative travel in the Indian Ocean

Boat trip at Constance Halaveli Maldives
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One of the best ways to really get to know a country is to throw out the itinerary and spend a few days venturing off the beaten track. Disconnecting from reality and opening yourself up to new cultures and experiences can be all that is needed to make a holiday life-changing… But what exactly does a ‘life-changing holiday’ really mean?

Adventure awaitsFollow in @_narrrring’s footsteps – your adventure awaits…

You might have heard of experiential travel, but transformative travel (its so-called cousin) takes things to a whole new level. One of the biggest trends of 2017, it takes all of the core elements of experiential travel – such as tapping into native cultures and interacting with locals in order to gain a deeper knowledge of the country – and evolves these so that rather than simply enriching your life, you are transformed by your experience.

“We’re at a point where the planet needs a higher consciousness, and transformational travel can give us that… It’s the step beyond authenticity and experiential travel we need.” – Kurt Kutay, Wildland Adventures

Herein lies the important benefit of transformative travel – not only can it offer you a new perspective of the world, but it can also lead you to bring about change in the world yourself.

Here are just some of the ways transformative travel in the Indian Ocean, can transform you:

  1. A change of perspective

Madagascar boatChange your perspective at Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar

What better way to understand the world around you, than to experience other cultures and ways of life? Use your transformative travel trip to tap into a local culture, and understand how the people you meet might approach life differently to you.

From the food eaten to the history of the locations – on a transformative travel trip, chances are you’ll learn something! The Indian Ocean, with its multicultural islands and archipelagoes, has flavours aplenty and rich heritage for you to discover. Give it a try; let your senses discover new things!

Seychelles prawnsFresh Indian Ocean seafood is like no other!

Mauritius, in particular, is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, so there are endless traditions and delicacies to discover. For instance, did you know that Palm Hearts are edible? They’re simply delicious together with citrusy vinaigrette and smoked marlin! And have you heard about the warm and sweet Mauritian hospitality? Who knows… maybe it’s our history with sugar!

  1. Changing the world

Why not use your transformative travel trip to change the world? It sounds ambitious, but break it down in to smaller pieces, and it’s definitely possible!

One of the biggest threats to marine life today is the destruction of coral reefs. These magical underwater worlds are disappearing, but you can play a part in securing their future.

Maldives divingHave you had the chance to explore underwater worlds?

At Constance Halaveli and Constance Moofushi, both in the Maldives, we’ve been working with the International Union for Conservation of Nature to protect our coral reefs for generations to come.

Reef conservationCoral reefs are under threat, but you can help save these natural wonders

Small actions make a big difference when it comes to conservation. Will a trip to the beautiful Maldives inspire you to get involved?

“Following a trip, people often share how they were inspired to donate to conservation efforts for a species and the environment” – Ted Martens, Natural Habitat Adventures

  1. Discover something new

Taking the time to discover something new can be a refreshing tonic for the soul. On a transformative travel trip, seek experiences that you’ve not tried before, go out of your comfort zone, and open yourself up to change.

Snorkel beachDiscover something new…

Whether it’s a new hobby like scuba diving or bird watching, a new flavour or a new favourite spot in the sand – your ‘something new’ might not be the same as anyone else’s, but guess what? It’s yours.

The pristine beaches and crystal clear seas of the Seychelles have a wealth of activities and experiences for you to discover… What are you waiting for?

Sea view swingCan you see a transformative trip on the horizon?

Take it back home with you, and use it to change your life when you get there. Then see if you can use it to take that change even further.

  1. Get inspired

Excuse us for being biased, but while inspiration can come from many places, we believe there’s no place better than the Indian Ocean…

Madagascar inspirationGet inspired in Madagascar at Constance Tsarabanjina

Be inspired by the beauty of the landscape, the calm of the sea and the wonders of nature unfolding around you. Or simply by the opportunity to switch off your mobile phone, log out of your email, and sit quietly.

At Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar, our eco-resort, we encourage you to find your inspiration in a moment of meditation in nature.

Lantern pathThe path to relaxation?

The beautiful minimalist design and peaceful setting will transport you to true tranquility, enjoying all that nature has to offer. Escaping from the stresses of daily life couldn’t be easier in beautiful Madagascar, and who knows? Maybe you’ll take your new positive, relaxed and stress-free approach to life back home with you. 

  1. A new leaf

After all the learning and discovery on your transformative travel trip, there’s one decision to make before you get back home. Will you turn over a new leaf, and try to put into practise what you’ve learnt on your trip? Or will you go back to the same old routines?

It’s easy to fall back in to habits when we get home from a blissful, healthy holiday, but our hope is that you’ll be so inspired after a stay in the Indian Ocean that the decision will be quite simple…

Floating leafBook a transformative travel trip to the Seychelles

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves.” – Pico Iyer

As Arnie Weissman from ‘Travel Weekly’, said “[Transformational travel] will be different for every traveller: some will be about traversing exterior landscapes, and some will be about traversing interior landscapes”.

Book yourself into one of our perfectly situated Constance Hotels & Resorts and see how travel can transform your world, as you know it.

Have you experienced the benefits of transformative travel? Tell us all about them in the comments below.

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