All in the detail: Crafting your perfect wedding and honeymoon

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At Constance Hotels and Resorts, you’ll find only the most romantic settings to choose from when selecting a venue for your destination wedding. Through the stories of real guests – as relayed in our 8 steps to creating a dream destination wedding ebook – we share our thoughts, tips and experience for how to turn your expectations into concrete plans, and your dreams into reality.

Detail is everything


Make the most of gorgeous local flowers such as pretty Frangipane…

Anyone who’s planned a wedding knows it’s the culmination of all the little details that help to create a memorable day. Every bride and groom will have their own take on how to make their wedding day unique, but organising this from afar can often lead to some last minute jitters. That’s why our Constance wedding coordinators are on hand to help. They can offer support, guidance and advice with every aspect of your ceremony, from the wedding flowers, location of service, reception dinner and cake design, to pre-wedding hair and makeup appointments, and the songs that will accompany your vows.

And those are just the obvious things, but there’ll be other things to think about too, like making sure all your other guests are happy or sorting out final paperwork issues. But as Gemma and Reuben Freeman found out, this was all in a day’s work for our team.

“We got married a couple of days before leaving Mauritius for the Seychelles so time was a little tight. We needed to travel to Port Louis to post our banns and complete the documentation necessary to be married and this was all laid on by the hotel. We had a great driver who not only chauffered us to and from but also gave us a bit of an impromptu tour of some areas of the island and his knowledge as a local of places to visit.”

Take a back seat


Relax and let Constance do the work for you…

In fact, we’ll take so much off your hands that you really won’t need to worry about a thing, leaving time to enjoy all the other facilities of your chosen resort.

One of the best things about tying the knot in a tropical island setting is the abundance of natural beauty on your doorstep – it’s the perfect reason to have your wedding and honeymoon in the same location. At Constance, not only can we organise the perfect destination wedding, we’ll make sure you have a once in a lifetime honeymoon too. Whatever your aspirations and expectations, we’ll try to meet them, whether that’s organising a round of golf with one of our pros,  arranging for a restorative couples massage on arrival, or organising a sightseeing excursion for all your guests.

Pamela and Eamon Maguire are another happy Constance couple who advise against stressing about things before you leave. “I met with my wedding coordinator the day after arriving at the hotel and from there we arranged where in the hotel we wanted the ceremony, the flowers I wanted, the music we wanted, the photographer, everything! It was all just so relaxed, and I will say I was a little nervous… But everything couldn’t have been more perfect.”

Visit our website to discover the most romantic experiences in the Indian Ocean: honeymoon in Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, Maldives and Zanzibar.

Our wedding winner


Regina; our lucky bride to be.

The countdown has begun for the lucky winner of our recent dream wedding competition, Regina Dering, who’ll be tying the knot with husband-to-be Benjamin Rauth at Constance Lémuria in the Seychelles next year.

Regina is now well into the expectation phase of our ‘8 steps to the perfect wedding’ process, and has already decided upon most of the major visual themes, like hair, shoes and colour schemes. “I already bought my wedding dress and we’re thinking about the suit my fiance will wear on the day,” she says. “I’m also thinking about how I want my hair done and what kind of shoes I want to wear. We’ve already booked the hotel and the flights for our guests, and we’ve chosen the colour for the decorations and flowers. I’ve been looking on Pinterest and watching wedding shows on TV to get some further ideas.”

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