The five types of diver

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No trip to the Indian Ocean would be complete without experiencing life beneath the waves. Every Constance Hotel and Resort offers the opportunity to discover this watery blue world for yourself, whether you’re a first time diver or looking to improve your skills. But what type of diver is your closest match? Take advantage of our scuba dive pros and incredible visibility and you’re likely to fall into one of these five categories below.


Jumping in at Constance Halaveli, Maldives

The cautious diver

It’s natural to be wary when you’re trying something new, and divers can be understandably cautious if they’ve only just qualified or are taking part in an exploratory session with a buddy instructor. Just remember that this is probably something you’ve been looking forward to for months, if not years – so relax, breathe, and don’t forget to take in all the amazing sights of this vast new subterranean world.

The wildlife diver

With the single aim of seeing as many aquatic creatures in their natural habitat as possible, the wildlife diver is far more interested in sea life than in diving itself. If this is you, then the technicalities of diving are a means to an end and what really counts is getting eye-to-eye with your favourite fish or spotting something you’ve never seen before.

The snap-happy diver


Enjoying the underwater world

The photographer diver has probably moved on from beginner level, is gaining in confidence, and now wants to share their new found discoveries with the rest of the world. Snap-happy divers spend a lot of time in one place, hovering over colourful strands of coral to make sure they capture the exact moment that strange looking triggerfish emerges from its hiding place.

The ambitious diver

You’ve only just qualified but you love being underwater and want to use your precious holiday time to cram in as many different dive experiences as you possibly can. Wreck dives, drift dives, deep dives, night dives – you’d happily try them all. And you can – but just make sure you follow all the correct procedures and consider doing a speciality course to improve your skills.

The snorkeller

There are lots of reasons why you might not be able to dive – asthma, diabetes, ear or sinus problems could all preclude you from taking the plunge. But that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the fun. Our honorary diver – the snorkeller – can still go out on a dive boat, snorkel in the same waters, and get to experience much of the same marine life as their fully-underwater friends.

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