10 things to pack on your next dive holiday

Your dream dive holiday?
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The dive masters at our Maldives resorts Constance Moofushi and Constance Halaveli have compiled a list of 10 items to bring on your next dive holiday.

Diving necessities

Diving necessities

1. A torch

Massimo from Bluetribe at Constance Moofushi says, ‘Pack a torch if you have one as there is always something hiding in holes and under coral. But don’t worry if you forget, we can provide you with an underwater torch at the dive centre.’

2. A mask and a hairband

Charline from the TGI Dive Centre at Halaveli says don’t forget to bring a hairband to tie back long hair which can get in your way on a dive and a mask. Masks are provided free at all our dive centres.

3. An underwater camera

Enzo from Bluetribe says, ‘Bring your underwater camera. Whether it’s a point-and-shoot or a go-pro it’s worth taking some pictures especially of the Mantas as they will be a memorable part of your stay at Moofushi. We can even teach you a few tricks to help you get the best from your camera.’ Underwater cameras can be hired at Moofushi and Halaveli.

4. Rash guard or wet suit

Victor at TGI says don’t forget to pack your rash guard (a tight-fitting Lycra or polyolefin top and shorts) or wet suit. The water temperature in Maldives is usually around 29ºC so keeping warm is not an issue here but a wet suit or rash guard are recommended for UV protection and prevention of scratches and abrasions from dive gear or coral and rocks. Wet suits and snorkel vests can be hired at all Constance dive centres if you don’t have your own.

5. Pointer stick

Miles at Bluetribe says, ‘Bring a pointer stick, generally made of stainless steel. This is not only good to indicate what you see underwater but, if there is a little current, you can jam it in between the rocks and feel comfortable while watching the marine life whizzing by.’

6. Dive computer

Ari at TGI suggests packing a dive computer to track your dive depth and time, and calculate depth limits you need to stay within to prevent decompression sickness. Integrated dive computers will work with your submersible pressure gauge (SPG) and other equipment to provide other information such as how much time your remaining air gives you. Dive computers can be hired at Halaveli.

Taking the plunge

Taking the plunge

7. Magnifying glass

Christian at Bluetribe says, ‘Bring along a magnifying glass. Here in the Maldives there are so many different varieties of underwater life from big to small that much of it is missed. With a magnifying glass you can open up a whole new aspect of your diving here at Moofushi.’

8. Underwater housing for your camera

Esther at TGI says that if you don’t want to splash out on a special underwater camera you can still capture those stunning underwater shots by getting a waterproof case for your regular camera. Available for a wide selection of cameras and camcorders, you can even put your smartphone in an underwater case and take pictures on that.

9. iPad

Emidio at Bluetribe says, ‘Bring your iPad (or tablet) so you can download any pictures straight away and see the results.’

10. Cup noodles!

Rie at TGI says, ‘Don’t forget to pack cup noodles for the instructors, especially if you are from Japan!’

The warm, clear waters and coral atolls of the Maldives make it one of the world’s top diving destinations. Halaveli in the North Ari Atoll and Moofushi in the South Ari Atoll provide a luxury base from which to explore this beautiful region.

At Halaveli, one of Constance’s Ultimate hotels, keen divers can enjoy the sumptuous luxury of spacious water villas with their own plunge pools, world-class restaurants and discreet but attentive 5* service.

Moofushi, a Constance Unique resort, is a chic castaway island with a vibe of laidback, barefoot luxury. Savour the seclusion of this private island with its beautiful palm-thatched water and beach villas before meeting friends at the restaurants and bars on the beach.

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