SportDiver’s top tips on photographing marine behaviour

photographing marine behaviour
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Underwater photographer Alex Mustard reveals his top 3 tips on how to capture photographs of marine life in action on the scuba diving site Sportdiver.com.

photographing marine behaviour

Action shot

In the article, Mustard explains that aspiring underwater photographers shouldn’t feel they need a PhD in marine biology to capture moments of engaging fish behaviour, although he advises, a little bit of knowledge will help you get the photograph you want.

Go slow

Mustard believes that more important than knowledge is to dive slowly so that you can, ‘really take a closer look at what is happening around you’.

Go macro

‘Diving with a macro lens is one of the best ways of spotting behaviours,’ explains Mustard, ‘because it focuses your mind to slow down and look closer.’

Timing is everything

photographing marine behaviour

Be patient to capture amazing moments

To capture the behaviour of a fish or marine animal, Mustard says, ‘You have to capture the peak of the action, where the behaviour is most obvious and leaps out of the image. The good news is that the most photogenic behaviours are also the easiest to recognise.’

Read more of Alex Mustards tips and see examples of his underwater photography at sportdiver.com.

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