The Art of Scuba Diving shots

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There’s something magical about being underwater; floating anchorless in this vivid alternative world at Constance. Capturing those individual and immersive experiences on camera, as the light flashes on the water above, can be difficult though, even for pro-divers.

Once you’re comfortable gliding and shooting in the Big Blue, the question you need to ask is what kind of shot are you looking for? Knowing what you want to capture will focus your mind as an overwhelming colourful school of fish washes past you.

Play around with foreground and background shots for depth perception, mixes of colours, and people/objects to find your range. You’ll soon start learning how to catch the detail you want. Our instructors can always lend a hand if you’re looking for anything specific – you’ll be surprised how much of a personal map of curiosities they have underwater. Here’s a few of our favourite recent shots.

scuba diving nemo

Underwater photographer and Instagrammer @c_delacy didn’t just find Nemo, he managed to capture this beautiful image of him hiding in his anemone home.  The vibrant colours and sharp imagery actually make you feel as though you are meeting this little clown fish face to face, eat your heart out Pixar!

scuba diving turtle

There’s something magical about swimming alongside a sea turtle and it is that magic which @chiku_uw captures in this beautiful image. chiku_uw is a scuba diver from Japan who simply wants to share his love of the underwater world through rich, colourful photographs.

scuba diving sharks

David Doubilet’s photographs capture not only the stunning creatures beneath the waves but the drama of the world they live in, like this one of lemon sharks just below breaking waves in the Bahamas. @Daviddoubilet is also a keen conservationist and ask those who like this picture to sign a petition to stop the commercial fishing of sharks off the coast of America).

scuba diving nautilus

Beauty is definitely in the detail with scubaimagery’s picture of a Nautilus. Jose Regalado, the underwater photographer behind @scubaimagery, describes the seacreature as a ‘living fossil’, predating dinosaurs.

scuba diving boar

National Geographic photographer and Director of Conservation at Save our Seas Foundation, Thomas Peschak (@thomaspeschak), travels the globe exploring the world’s seas and oceans and sharing his beautiful photographs, like this one of a school of Bohar snappers taken at the Aldabra atoll, Seychelles.

scuba diving colors

Japanese underwater explorer and photographer @underwatercolors, shares his simply stunning underwater photographs, more like studio portraits than wildlife photographs they capture their subjects in sharp, rich, vivid detail.

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