Seychelles adventures beyond the beach

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While we all dream of lying on a perfect Seychelles beach, the Indian Ocean archipelago has plenty of adventures to offer beyond sand and sunshine.

If you have an appetite for adventure and want some activities to really get your pulse racing then you’ll discover the Seychelles has just what you’re looking for.

Rock climbing and ziplining


Kayaking at Constance Ephélia, Seychelles

Pit your climbing skills against the granite cliffs of Mahé at Constance Ephélia with a selection of climbing routes for all levels, then abseil down or take a series of ziplines up to 120m long through lush, tropical forests.

Hike through the mist forests of Mahé

Take the trail through Morne Seychellois National Park to the summit of Morne Blanc and you will hike through the stunning mist forest, an ancient jungle of lush tropical foliage. Brace yourself for the views once you emerge at the summit, which will take your breath away as you look down over the mist forest itself and out to the sparkling ocean beyond.

Kayak through ancient mangrove forest

Enjoy the natural peaceful environment and spirit of exploration as you kayak leisurely through the ancient mangrove forest of Port Launay at Constance Ephélia. Considered the best coastal wetland mangrove forest on Mahé, it supports all seven species of mangrove creating a perfect natural environment for a range of rare bird and marine life.

Explore below the ocean waves


Flying through the forest

The Seychelles has as much to explore below its clear waters as there is on land so whether you prefer snorkelling or scuba diving make sure you take time to discover the islands’ rich underwater world. Things to see include vibrant coral reefs teeming with a variety of sea creatures from clown fish and parrot fish to larger visitors including the rare hawksbill turtle, manta rays and yellow snappers.

Hand-feed a giant Aldabra Tortoise on Curieuse Island

Take the short boat ride from Praslin and step into a wild, ancient world where giant tortoises roam free on this private island nature reserve. The conservation team based there encourage visitors to get hands-on in the feeding of the young tortoises and a nature trail across the island will take you to one of the Seychelles most beautiful hidden beaches, perfect for snorkelling.

Deep sea fishing

Feel the rush of being out on the ocean and doing battle against some of the Indian Ocean’s swiftest big fish from sail fish and tuna to the legendary marlin.

Mountain biking


The Giant Aldabra Tortoise of the Seychelles

For a fresh view explore the lush, verdant islands of Seychelles by mountain bike and you’ll discover hidden trails through dense forest and quiet roads leading to sleepy fishing villages. The tough challenge of some of the steeper hills will be rewarded by the discovery of secluded beaches perfect for a private refreshing swim.

Discover the ancient palm forest of Vallée de Mai

Walk the clearly marked trails of the stunning nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site on Praslin and not only will you see the iconic Coco de Mer growing in its natural environment, you will come to Glacis Noire, a vantage point from which you can see across the Vallée de Mai to the ocean and neighbouring island of La Digue.

Horse-ride down the world’s most photographed beach

Anse Source D’argent is the iconic Seychelles beach, immortalised in numerous photographs for its white sand, granite boulder perfection. Horse riding offered at L’Union Estate gives you a new and exhilarating way to explore this beautiful landscape.

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