Passions That Let You Explore The World

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We all have our own passions in life, but have you ever thought about how your passion could take you around the globe?

Finding something you love that can also enable you to travel and discover new, eye-opening experiences around the world is an amazing opportunity. We’ve got some thought starters to help you get going…

  1. Golf getaways

The calm, the quiet, the concentration… Golf is both relaxing and energising!

Every golf course has its own challenges, its own twists and turns and its own unique character. That’s why visiting different courses is so enjoyable! There are so many beautiful courses around the world to explore… Where to begin?

A taster of the amazing golf waiting for you in Mauritius

The Indian Ocean is a great place to start. Mauritius is well known for its stunning scenery, but did you know that there are two 18-hole championship golf courses to be enjoyed there?

View over golf course

A beautiful morning out on Legend Golf Course in Mauritius

In December, the 2018 Staysure Tour will end in the Seychelles at Constance Lemuria for the first time, with the first stage of the inaugural Indian Ocean Swing taking place at Constance Belle Mare Plage in Mauritius.

lemuria golf course sea views

Stunning sea views captured by @tmsagita at Lemuria Golf Course

The only 18-hole course in the Seychelles, the views across the green are simply stunning!

Make your Seychelles golfing experience extra special with a champagne and canapé sundowner at the famous 18th hole!

constance lemuria golf course sunset champagne

@seanpyo enjoyed the sundowner experience at Lemuria Golf Course – look at that view!

Another bonus to taking your passion for golf around the world? The opportunity to make use of specialist golf massages to improve your play and relax after a day spent on the green!

  1. Diving adventures

Experienced divers will know that every corner of the globe has its own unique dive sites waiting to be explored. From colourful coral reefs to deep ocean diving, these magical underwater worlds are guaranteed to leave you with unforgettable experiences.

diving manta ray constance moofushi maldives

Diving brings you closer to creatures you wouldn’t normally be able to encounter!

Have you dived in the Indian Ocean before? There’s an incredible amount of variety to be seen, with plenty of diving opportunities for pro divers and beginners alike.

Diving in the Maldives is undoubtedly bucket list-worthy. As well as coral reefs and tropical fish, you might even be lucky enough to swim with a whale shark!


This memorable moment was captured in the waters surrounding Constance Moofushi Maldives

Divers who have already explored a host of destinations always find a fantastic new experience to add to their checklist when visiting Constance Moofushi Maldives:

“Being a scuba traveller makes me always hunt for the great diving destinations. No matter how great the destination, it’s the diving team who helps define your experience. The team made my experience second to none!”

Manuel, TripAdvisor Review

Make your Maldives diving dreams a reality – you can get 50% off our Maldives hotels until the end of July!

How about other Indian Ocean destinations? The diving centre at Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar is ready to take divers of all abilities out to discover the largely unexplored waters surrounding the island – just one of the reasons to visit Madagascar!

A taster of what to expect when you take to Madagascan waters!

Continue your underwater exploration of the world through diving trips at our hotels in the Seychelles, Mauritius and Zanzibar too. Book your stay at Constance Aiyana Pemba, Zanzibar now and make use of our complimentary all-inclusive upgrade. The adventure never ends!

  1. Wonderful wine tasting

Are you a wine lover? Are your holiday destinations determined by the choice of wines you’ll get to try during your stay? Love of the grape can take you to all sorts of amazing places.

cheers wine madagascan sunset passion

Cheers to delicious wine and captivating sunsets!

White, red, dry or sweet, we all have our preferences when it comes to wine, but there’s so much joy to be found in exploring new flavours and textures.

As well as the abundance of fantastic wine-producing regions spread across the world, try to seek out the most extensive wine cellars – there’ll be some real treats waiting for you.

wine cellar bottles

So many bottles to discover!

If you’ve already enjoyed visits to vineyards, why not travel somewhere a bit different and discover some award-winning wine cellars on your next trip?

At Constance Hotels, you can choose from our ocean-view cellar in the Maldives or our charming bistro-style cellar in Mauritius. The passion of our sommeliers shines through, and the quality of the wines paired with the ambience is hard to beat.


Our beautiful wine cellar at Constance Moofushi Maldives

At Constance Belle Mare Plage’s Blue Penny Cellar you can enjoy an exciting new wine experience: ‘Around Wine’. Choose your favourite wine, and our skilled chefs will create the perfect menu to complement it!


Spend an atmospheric experience at Blue Penny Cellar, recent recipient of Wine Spectator’s 2018 Best of Awards for Excellence

Discover new favourites and well-known classics on your wine-led adventures. And don’t forget to bring back a bottle or two to add to your collection at home!

We can all find ways to travel and explore the world using our passions as a passport. The world is your oyster…

Do you travel the world following your passion? Tell us about it in the comments!

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