Explore the Incredible Nature of Constance Tsarabanjina

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A utopia-like island with an abundance of outstanding surroundings to explore, Constance Tsarabanjina really has it all. This volcanic island is nothing short of paradise. It effortlessly combines the barefoot Robinson Crusoe experience with tranquil luxury. It is here where nature lovers will feel most at home, due to its untouched beaches, tropical jungles and mesmerising marine life. 

We invite you on a journey to discover the best spots and uncover the serene natural surroundings of Constance Tsarabanjina. So keep reading if you would like to find out more.

Nature at Tsarabanjina

@ninjarod at Constance Tsarabanjina

Beautiful Untouched Beaches 

It goes without saying that this sensational Madagascan island has incredible beaches. However, what sets the beaches of Constance Tsarabanjina apart is the untouched and rustic ambience that they offer. 

Cast your gaze upon the shoreline and encounter a small fishing boat with locals looking for their daily catch for the in-resort restaurants – as fresh as it comes! 

Surrounded by gorgeous trees and greenery, the beaches here feel secluded and exclusive, like a hidden gem waiting to be uncovered. It is here where the coast meets the jungle. Spend an afternoon swinging in a palm tree hammock on the beach with a cocktail, or with a good book. This is somewhere you can be truly immersed in the incredible nature of the island. 

Explore The Island’s Nature By Foot

Constance Tsarabanjina has much more to offer than just a serene coastline. This magical Indian Ocean island has a multitude of diverse natural surroundings. Explore the exotic jungle or volcanic hills, experiencing a new adventure every day. 

Constance Hotels & Resorts offer guided walking tours daily. Join our island experts to explore the sensational surroundings by foot whilst learning about this incredible island. Our tour leaders exude knowledge, expertise and passion therefore they are ideal guides to show you this breathtaking island.

During the long walk around the island, we will take you to a volcanic hilltop to experience an outstanding 360-degree view of the island and Mitsio Archipelago. 

Explore The Underwater World

It is no secret this Indian Ocean island boasts some of the clearest and most inviting water in the world. Whether you want to swim, bathe or delve a little deeper, the choice is all yours. 

For the intrepid individuals who wish to channel their adventurous side, Constance Tsarabajina is a gold mine. Scuba or snorkel through the mystical underwater world and you will be faced with a vibrant array of colourful coral which is home to dozens of species of fish. You may also encounter some friendly sea creatures too! 

An unmissable excursion that will enable you to unite with nature in full force is Les Quatre Frères (The Four Brothers). A selection of mythical rocks is located on the northwest side of the island. Here you will find a wonderful array of tropical birds as many of them like to form nests here to lay eggs. 

Constance Tsarabanjina is an exotic sanctuary bursting with incredible natural surroundings and it is perfect escape for those seeking sublime peace and relaxation, take a look at our offers and packages here

For more information about our exclusive offers or to find out more about the individual resorts, visit our website today. We hope to welcome you to Constance Resorts & Hotels in 2022.

Take a look at our recent blog post Bucket List Travel: Why You Should Visit Constance Hotels & Resorts. Feel free to reach out via our social channels and share your holiday photos with us.




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