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Technological advances have made almost every aspect of our lives easier in recent years and now, according to Mashable’s Amy-Mae Elliott, technology is set to revolutionise the humble suitcase.

Briggs & Riley Cases with CX Compression Packing Technology

Briggs & Riley Cases with CX Compression Packing Technology

In her piece 9 Futuristic Suitcases to Improve Your Travel Elliot has rounded up the best innovations and new concepts in luggage design.

Some of the most exciting products already on the market include:

“ó Powerbag Briefcases

A briefcase with a large built-in battery to recharge all your gadgets while you’re on the go. The battery holds enough power to charge a smartphone four times.

“ó Briggs & Riley Cases with CX Compression Packing Technology

This suitcase expands by over 30 per cent then it sucks out the air reducing it back to its original size. Great for when you can’t decide what to take and what to leave behind.

“ó Heys USA BioCase

Like something out of James Bond this case uses biometric fingerprint technology to ensure that only you, or someone else whose fingerprints you have programmed in, can open your case. The BioCase will remember up to eight fingerprints.

“ó Intelligent Luggage

This self-weighing suitcase has digital scales in the handle so that all you have to do is press a button and then lift the suitcase to read the weight. Perfect for avoiding excess baggage costs.

For the full article including details of luggage concepts including a suitcase that will follow you around by itself, a case with a battery which charges as you wheel it and a case that converts into a scooter visit

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