Packing Tips For Travelling With A Family

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Many of us have taken a reluctant break from travelling during the past 2 years. With this in mind, it can be a little overwhelming having a big trip to prepare for, particularly when you’re packing on behalf of your family too.

We want to ensure your trip is as rejuvenating and relaxing as possible, helping to alleviate any stress in the run-up to your much-needed escape. Whether it is your first time travelling with children, your first time visiting the Indian Ocean or something you have done many times before, we hope this can provide you with some welcome advice and reassurance over the packing process.

Constance Moofushi Resort – Maldives. Image credit: @gulliedabove

Carry on reading and prepare to be a packing professional…

The Saviour Of Hand Luggage

Children aged 2 and over often need their own seats on a flight. This means they are entitled to the same hand luggage allowance as adults. As tempting as it may be to splurge and splash out on additional items, it is always useful to be cautious, utilising your allowance without packing too much. 

Whilst a small case is often the ideal carry on for adults and older children, youngsters will need appropriately sized luggage to bring their necessities along too. Why not consider a playful pull along children’s case? 

With the help of the children, make sure you pack their treasured toys, books and distractions to keep them occupied during the flight.  

During the flight, comfort and warmth are always top priority, however, upon arrival, you may want to slip into something a little bit more weather appropriate. A dress and sunhat perhaps? We’d recommend bringing a change of clothes for once you arrive in the warmer climate. This can also be very useful if the children have a spillage!

Make The Most Of Multiple Cases

Whilst it may be tempting to pack everyone’s clothes into their own individual cases, try to avoid this. Spreading the luggage across all cases can be very beneficial in the unfortunate event of lost luggage! 

This ever-so-simple step can be the difference between someone having an array of wonderful outfits to wear and having no clothes at all. Everyone deserves to look and feel fantastic whilst on holiday.

Constance Lemuria Resort – Seychelles. Photo credit: @taniaon

 The Perfect Packing Hack

For those who like everything to stay neat, tidy and organised, we have for you the perfect packing hack – packing cubes! If you’re not aware of what these are, worry not. They are essentially fabric pouches that enable you to compartmentalise your belongings in your case. These are amazing as they can save you time, effort and space. 

Packing cubes make travelling and packing so effortless as they enable everyone to separate their belongings into neat compartments. This is great for families as it means avoiding stressful scrambling and rummaging through cases. 

They are also really useful for compressing your clothes tightly together. This gives you more room in your case so that you don’t have to leave anything behind. 

We’d advise rolling rather than folding your clothes as this is the best way to avoid creasing and free up space! 

A Little Extra Space Goes A Long Way

Isn’t it peculiar how it always seems more challenging packing at the end of the holiday? 

All those additional items you’ve accumulated over the trip sadly won’t be able to squeeze into an already full case. Therefore, we’d advise leaving some extra room in your luggage for the return flight. 

This means you’ll have the freedom to indulge and treat yourselves without the unnecessary stress of exceeding your baggage allowance. We understand the importance of collecting memories as this is a great way to remember your magical moments.

It is always useful to pack additional masks and hand sanitiser so that you can stay clean, sanitised throughout your journey. 

At Constance Hotels & Resorts we value the health, safety and wellbeing of our visitors and want to ensure you treasure your time with us as much as possible. 

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