Travelling In Style: Our Top Hand Luggage Essentials

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With the world beginning to open up, it’s time to dust off those travel documents, location itineraries and hand luggage essentials as you start to think about what to pack for that well-deserved holiday of a lifetime, especially with our recent exclusive offers.

So, what should you prioritise packing to ensure you can travel in style? 

That’s where we step in. We’re here to save you from the pre-holiday panic to provide you with the carry-on luggage essentials that you never knew you needed. 

In the following blog we have compiled our top hand luggage recommendations, from sound-blocking headphones to your favourite snacks.

But, before you start scavenging for those all important items, we recommend investing in a good quality hand luggage bag that will stand the test of time. 

One of our favourites is the Holiday 6 Cabin 4 Wheel suitcase. Durable, but also eye catching, this cabin bag is the perfect choice to keep all your on-flight essentials in. 

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Best of all? This four wheel travel luggage fits most major airlines including BA, EasyJet Up Front and Ryanair Priority.

Get your pen at the ready and carry on reading to find out what our must-have travel essentials are.  

Be Organised With Your Very Own Documents Folder

Don’t you hate it when you have to search through your never-ending bag to find those all-important documents as you make your way through the airport?

Well, here’s a tip to make travelling to the Indian Ocean a stress-free and enjoyable experience – create your very own documents folder. 

Keep your abundance of documents efficiently stored in the one folder so you can, as they say, ‘grab and go’. Documents should include your passport, boarding pass and accommodation details so when you arrive at Constance Hotels & Resorts you can feel in the holiday spirit instantly.

Save the stress of document hunting and set this item as a priority for your packing list.

Feel Refreshed With These Five Toiletries Essentials

Travelling, no matter how long the duration, can sometimes leave you feeling tired, and dishevelled. 

That’s where our list comes in handy. 

We recommended packing the following toiletries in your liquids bag so that you can step off the plane feeling refreshed and reinvigorated for your impending holiday. 

  • Hand Sanitiser – Keep your hands clean during your travels from start to finish with a small bottle of hand sanitiser.
  • Mini Deodorant – There’s nothing like feeling refreshed. Apply some deodorant the moment you step off the plane to provide you with that rejuvenated feeling.
  • Moisturiser – Flights are often known for drying out your skin. We recommend applying some moisturiser during your journey to provide you with that glowing, quenched skin.
  • Hairbrush – Tangles be gone! After some much-needed rest during your travels, there’s nothing like a hairbrush to flatten down those stray hairs, making you feel put together and ready to enjoy your holiday.
  • Sheet mask – One new addition many travellers may not necessarily think of packing is a sheet mask. Like moisturiser, this helps to hydrate the skin whilst providing you with that much-needed on-flight pampering.

Once you arrive at Constance Hotels & Resorts, we are here to keep you feeling refreshed with our indulgent spa treatments. Get ready to pamper yourself and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Indian Ocean.

Block Out The Sound With Headphones

Headphones are often overlooked when packing, but they are a great addition to any hand luggage essentials list. 

They are the perfect tech equipment for blocking out annoying sounds and can even be a great solution for helping you get some sleep.

Listen to some catchy hits to get you in the holiday frame of mind or why not educate yourself during your journey with a podcast? 

Time really does fly by when you’re having fun, so kick back, switch off and unwind.

Keep Charged With A Portable Charger 

Gone are the days when the panic of ‘low battery’ would leave you feeling stressed.

With a portable charger, you can put your mind at ease and know that your phone will have enough charge to last you for days, literally.

We recommend the Anker PowerCore portable charger, with four full charges and an array of colours to choose from, there really is no excuse not to invest in one of these.

What’s even better is that you can take photos of your memories at Constance Hotels & Resorts as soon as you step off the plane.

Snacks Galore 

When packing your hand luggage essentials you can’t forget those much-needed snacks. 

From hard-boiled sweets to help with the common pre-flight nerves, to savoury snacks to keep hunger at bay.

Whether you are jetting on a plane or driving to the airport, snacks are a must and we guarantee that your peers will give you ‘the look’ when you rustle your bag of crisps.

Pack A Change Of Clothes Suitable For The Temperature

Depending on your destination of choice, a great tip is to pack a change of clothes. 

From a casual dress to a pair of comfy shorts for the hotter temperatures to a cosy sweatshirt for the colder climates. 

We guarantee that by stepping into your ‘holiday clothes’ – you will leave the airport feeling like a new person and be ready to start your holiday immediately. 

Packing can be made easy by following our tips and including these essentials mentioned. 

Feel at ease, relaxed and refreshed from the moment you start your journey to the end.

We can’t wait to have you back at Constance Hotels & Resorts, whenever that will be. Remember, you can put your mind at ease when booking with us.

What do you pack in your hand luggage? Do you have a must-have hand luggage item?

Tell us in the comments below.

Feel free to reach out via our social channels and share your photos with the hashtag #MyConstanceMoment

Hope for sunnier days with #ConstanceWithU




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