It’s a wrap: Marie Claire leaves Constance Ephélia tired but happy

Marie Claire photo shoot at Constance Ephélia, Seychelles
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After an exhausting week of photo shoots at Constance Ephélia the swimsuits and makeup have been packed away and the Marie Claire team are heading home.

Getting the perfect shot

Across a range of stunning locations from the beach at Ephélia and its Presidential Villa to the stunning Tea Factory located up in the hills with ocean views across Mahé, the Marie Claire team and photographer Simon Upton have captured some stunning shots.

The combination of the idyllic Seychelles locations and models including Jessica Gomes, Nadine Leopold and Sophie Vlaming have meant that getting that perfect last shot was no problem.

Snap your own perfect holiday shot

Ever wished your holiday snaps more closely resembled the rich, colourful images of a magazine location shoot?

Putting the finishing touches on Jessica Gomes’ beach makeup
  • Capture real moments – posing is great but sometimes it’s the relaxed shots taken in a reportage style which really evoke the feeling of a holiday.
  • Think composition – Rather than just pointing and clicking take a moment to think about where objects and people are located in the frame. Placing the main subject off-centre can make for a more interesting shot.
  • Take lots of photosThe benefit of digital cameras is that you can go through the photos you’ve taken and delete those you don’t want, so if you’re trying to capture a beautiful beach or perfect sunset take loads of pictures from different angles and then only keep the ones you like.
  • Be your own editor – It’s not only the professionals who can alter their shots these days, photo editing technology on phones and other devices gives us the opportunity to improve our photos after the fact. Cropping and adding filters can be great but don’t go overboard with colour enhancement or the image begins to look artificial, keep true to the original moment you were trying to capture.

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