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Today, we’re launching a new competition #MyConstanceMoment to find the best moment that guests at Constance have captured. You can share your images on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win a new GoPro Hero Black Edition Adventure.

To enter just go to the app here, share your photo, and tell us why this is your favourite moment at Constance in less than 140 characters. The competition is open until the 4th September and the winner will be chosen by an expert jury. Good luck!

In the meantime here’s some inspiration for your best moments at Constance below.

Precious Constance moments

Memories of our favourite holidays tend to exist as a series of blissful snapshot moments when everything came together to create the perfect holiday experience.

Here we’ve put together some of our favourite Constance moments to share with you.

Night diving at Constance Moofushi


Night diving: breathtaking moments

A hush falls over the people in the boat as everyone makes a final check of their equipment. Beyond the lights of the boat everything is pitch black and only the sound of the waves on the edge of the boat reminds you that there is a vast ocean out there ready to explore.

Plunging into the black water with only a torch sends a rush of adrenalin pumping through your system, heightening your senses making you feel energetic and alert. Suddenly you remember your torch and begin to shine it through the dark water revealing spotlights of vibrant colour against the black backdrop.

A flash of colour caught in your torch beam reveals an octopus out hunting for its prey while amongst the colourful coral, fish sleep hanging suspended in darkened weightlessness. Out of the corner of your eye you catch a cloud of colourful light as a sea creature emits bioluminescent chemicals in a desperate defence against an approaching predator, creating a stunning underwater firework display for the night diver.

Dining under the stars at Meeru


Stars in the sky, sand between your toes: a perfect moment

The wooden jetty at Halaveli is still warm underfoot in the evening as you wander barefoot down its length to the white sand of the beach. The sun has set and the first stars begin to sparkle against the indigo evening sky as you see the welcoming torchlight of Halaveli’s evening beach-grill restaurant, Meeru.

The smell of seafood and spices freshly prepared on the outdoor grill mixes with the sound of the gently lapping ocean, guttering torches burning in the sand and romantic candlelit tables to create an intimate, exotic atmosphere.

Your waiter guides you to one of only 12 tables arranged at the water’s edge where you feast on sumptuous seafood dishes under a canopy of now brilliant stars.

Teeing off from the 15th hole of Constance Lémuria’s golf course


A great moment: the perfect swing at Constance Lémuria

Standing high above the Praslin coastline with a view out across the Indian Ocean and a warm gentle breeze on your face you feel a thrill of exhilaration as you take your position at the tee on the 15th hole of Constance Lémuria’s stunning golf course.

Take a moment to drink in the breath-taking scenery and tranquil surroundings of lush foliage and granite hills before taking a deep, steadying breath and making your swing. Time seems to halt as you catch your breath and watch your ball soar through the air and drop a dramatic 50 meters to the pristine green below.

Watching the fishermen deliver their catch at Constance Tsarabanjina


Catch of the day at Constance Tsarabanjina #MyConstanceMoment

The calls of the local Mitsio fishermen cut through the tranquil sounds of the water lapping gently on the beach at Constance Tsarabanjina as they haul their traditional hollowed-out wooden fishing boats up on to the sand to be met by the Constance chef.

Glistening red snappers, silvery tuna and lobsters are all handed over ready to be taken up to the kitchen and prepared for that night’s supper before the fishermen climb back into their boats and with a wave set off back into the surf to make the three-mile journey back to the neighbouring island of Mitsio.

Enter the #MyConstanceMoment competition here.

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