How to find the perfect veil for your Constance wedding

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Once you’ve chosen the perfect dress for your destination wedding, the veil is your next big decision. Here’s our guide to picking the ideal veil.

Selecting veil length


Long veils make for dramatic, romantic photos

Veils come in all lengths and styles from the dramatic, trailing-in-the-sand Cathedral to the short, modern Birdcage or Blusher style.

When deciding on the right length for your destination wedding you’ll need to consider a variety of factors including the style of your dress, your hair and even the practicalities of your venue.

While longer veils like the Cathedral, Chapel or Ballerina make for high impact and stunning bridal photographs, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding where wind might be an issue it’s worth considering some of the shorter styles.

For a vintage-look short veil try the on-trend Birdcage or Fly-away while for something a little softer with a more romantic feel, you might prefer a short Blusher or a sheer elbow-length veil.

Matching your veil to your dress


Sometimes simple is best

Of course the most important factor in choosing your veil is that it perfectly compliments your dress (a veil should never overshadow or distract from your gown).

Consider matching elements such as beading or lacework in the dress to the veil. Remember, as a rule, simple dresses will work well with simple, elegant veils, lace dresses with lace veils, while a heavily embellished gown will work with a veil with matching detail, even if it’s just along the edges.

Think about elements of the dress you want (or don’t want) the veil to conceal. If, for example, you’ve chosen this year’s hot trend for dresses with a statement back, then you’ll want a simple, sheer veil to show the dress off to its best advantage.


Make your veil enhance rather than hide your hair do

A short dress can be a great idea for a destination wedding to the Indian Ocean but remember a short dress will look best with a short veil so consider a birdcage or shoulder-length style.

If you’re looking for something to match a bohemian beach wedding dress then why not try the whimsical romance of a ballerina veil with lace detailing. Reaching down to your knees you’re not likely to get tangled up if the wind blows but it will create the romance and drama usually associated with longer veils.

The right veil for your hairstyle


A subtle net veil can be as stunning as a full length number

Most veils will work well with down-style hair but if you’ve got your heart set on an up-do you won’t want to conceal it under a heavy or long veil so talk to your hairdresser about working a Birdcage, Fly-away or Blusher veil into the hairstyle itself.

For more inspiration on planning your perfect Constance wedding take a look at our ebook: Creating your dream destination wedding.

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