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Have you been to Madagascar?

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Madagascar, the fourth-largest island on earth and one of the most exotic place to holiday must definitely be on your bucket list if you are a nature lover. From the amazing baobab trees to the brightly coloured chameleons, Madagascar is megadiverse – home to a number of different species which cannot be found anywhere else.

Rod Ruales, entrepreneur and digital creator from the Philippines aka ninjarod share his experience.
Rod who was part of our #TrueIndianOcean campaign had the chance to be there and stayed at Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar recently.

  • Who is Rod Ruales?

I am Rod Ruales; I am an entrepreneur and a digital creator from the Philippines. I love to travel to new places and learn about unique cultures. I also like to take  photos of my trips. When I am at home taking a break from work or traveling, I cook for my friends and family.

  • How did you find Madagascar?

For me Madagascar is a very underrated travel destination. I believe the country has so much diversity not just its flora and fauna but its fascinating culture and history. Moreover, I think the beaches here are some of the most beautiful in the world but not a lot of people know that. If you are looking to experience an off-the-beaten kind of adventure. Madagascar should be your next travel destination.

Constance Tsarabanjina by Ninjarod

It’s as warm as the Madagascan weather.
Seeing the resort staff line up on the shore waving both their hands gleefully while the sun is setting as the boat anchor drops, immediately gave us that feeling of a “home away from home”.

  • Describe the hotel and its general surroundings

The property is the ultimate definition of that Robinson Crusoe-like experience. Surrounded by crystal clear blue water and white sand beaches. You would want to stay outside and swim all day. There are only 25 villas occupying the entire island which only means you get to enjoy utmost seclusion, away from all the worries in the world.

Villa at Constance Tsarabanjina

  • What kind of activities did you do during your stay?

During our stay we went scuba diving, bird watching and we also did a picnic on a secluded part of the island.
Aside from that, we also went paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming. One of the most memorable experience we had was the sunset cocktail with local Malagasy music where everyone gathered on top of the hill just enjoying sumptuous barbecue and great music.

  • List three must-bring items at Constance Tsarabanjina

A good camera. As they say, you didn’t take a photo it didn’t happen.
A GoPro so you can also take photos of the island’s amazing underwater creatures.
The coral reefs around the island is so pristine. If you are lucky enough, you will see a school of Trevally while snorkeling and turtles too.

The last thing and probably the most important, is a sunscreen. The Madagascan sun is so intense, make sure to apply a good amount of sun protection every time before going out.

  • 1 thing you wished you could take home from Constance Tsarabanjina

The Baobab tree in the island. Growing up I am also fascinated by the beauty of the Baobab tree

  • Share your top 3 #TrueIndianOcean experiences at Constance Tsarabanjina

My top 3 #TrueIndianOcean experiences would be: the Malagasy Night where we enjoyed the barbecue, local Malagasy music and some dancing, on a hill with other guests and resort staff during sunset; scuba diving and bird watching at the Fours Brother’s Islets

Check out Rod’s full experience here.

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