The Ultimate Seafood Feast

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Created with luxury at its heart, Constance Hotels & Resorts is renowned across the Indian Ocean as a haven for those with a discerning palate. Beyond the sun-kissed beaches and opulent accommodation, our resorts are a culinary oases, enticing food enthusiasts from around the world. What sets Constance Hotels & Resorts apart is not just our commitment to lavishness, but our dedication to sustainability and ethical practices.

From Sea to Plate

Constance Hotels & Resorts’ restaurants are centred around a profound respect for the oceans. The journey from sea to plate begins with a deep-rooted commitment to sustainable seafood sourcing.

Sourcing Ethically for a Greener Tomorrow

Constance Hotels & Resorts understands the oceans’ delicate balance and champions ethical fishing. Our culinary offerings symbolise responsible consumption, respecting aquatic ecosystems and nurturing a legacy for future generations.

Constance’s commitment to sustainability, radiates across all aspects of our luxury resorts. In areas such as Port Launay Marine Park, we designate specific areas as no fishing zones to protect local fish populations.

With culinary finesse and ethical accountability at the core, our chefs work with local fishermen in Constance Lemuria Seychelles and Constance Halaveli to ensure the highest standard of produce and a positive relationship that guarantees quality for our discerning guests, without sacrificing sustainability. These partnerships champion respect and commitment to preserving oceans while tantalising palates.

The Freshest Catch on Your Plate

Constance Hotels & Resorts’ culinary team places an unwavering focus on seafood, ensuring a dining experience that’s both unforgettable and sustainable. Each catch is meticulously selected, meeting stringent standards for freshness and responsible sourcing.

Once the freshest catches are secured, the chefs take centre stage, using their culinary prowess to elevate each ingredient. From intricate filleting to artful seasoning, the chefs’ hands become instruments of culinary magic, transforming raw materials into edible works of art.

Masterful Culinary Artistry

The seafood journey is elevated further as it intertwines with locally sourced ingredients, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours that celebrates the essence of each region. Moreover, Constance Hotels & Resort’s culinary team expertly utilises fish across multiple cuisines, adding a global touch to their culinary repertoire.

As guests savour each bite, they immerse themselves in a dining experience like no other. The freshest catch on the plate becomes a testament to responsible indulgence, where every element honours the environment and the rich symphony of flavours.

Innovation Meets Tradition

Constance’s experienced chefs embrace a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation in their approach to seafood preparation.

Every chef across our resorts draws inspiration from local cuisine and global gastronomic trends to create delicious menus in each of our restaurants.


As a crown jewel in the Constance Hotels & Resorts collection, Constance Prince Maurice boasts an exceptional dining experience at its renowned “Asian” Restaurant. Here, the catch of the day is reimagined through an Asian lens, creating a symphony of flavours. Indulge in the artistry of Japanese cuisine with impeccably crafted sushi, sashimi, and maki rolls, each embodying the precision and elegance of this tradition.

The Blu Sushi Lounge at Constance Belle Mare Plage promises a moment of true bliss, where the natural beauty of the Indian Ocean becomes an integral ingredient. Pair an exquisite meal with the tranquillity of the sea, with sustainability at the very heart. Chef Alex Lowli Adani crafts inventive dishes using local ingredients, including the famous ‘Yellowtail Jalapeno’ and ‘Black Cod Miso.’


Situated in the breathtaking South Ari Atoll, Constance Moofushi invites you to Alizée, a beachfront haven where each table is graced by the ivory sands and azure waters. Here, you dine with the orchestra of the ocean, and the night sky as your companions, enjoying an array of grilled meats.

At Constance Halaveli, dining by the seaside isn’t just a meal; it’s a sensory journey that indulges all five of the senses. At Kaika Sushi, savour the freshest ingredients prepared by our master chefs, with an array of authentic Japanese sushi, sashimi and maki.


Nestled amongst two of the most beautiful white sand beaches on the island of Mahé, Constance Ephelia is home to Cyann. Unique in its concept and design, here you will discover a one-of-a-kind experience, where our expert chefs seamlessly blend French culinary precision with local and Asian inspirations, resulting in a truly exquisite dining experience, all whilst overlooking the marine national park of Port Launay.

As the sun dips below the horizon, enjoy a dining experience like no other at the Nest at Constance Lemuria. Perfectly located on the rock peninsula between the two Anse Kerlan beaches. The stunning beauty of Petite Anse Kerlan can be enjoyed in all its glory from the exquisite location. The chefs work their magic to reveal true Creole flavours in the mouth-watering dishes. For the ultimate experience, dine at the deck located on the rocks behind the restaurant. This private location provides a magical backdrop for exclusive dinners and special occasions.


Imagine a dining experience that transports you to the very edge of tranquillity, where the gentle rocking of waves and the whispers of ocean breeze become your companions. At Constance Tsarabanjina, feast on fresh seafood and Malagasy specialities in our sand-floored restaurant or enjoy an intimate dinner on the beach, drawing you closer with nature.

Whether it’s a seaside grill offering a rustic yet refined experience or an intricate sushi roll showcasing the catch of the day in innovative ways, Constance Hotels & Resort’s experienced chefs are at the heart of every culinary masterpiece. Their dedication to enhancing each aspect of their dishes while committing to sustainable practices culminate in an unforgettable dining experience that speaks volumes about Constance Hotels & Resorts’ luxury.

From Plane to Plate

Indulge in an unparalleled gastronomic expedition at Constance Hotels & Resorts, where delectable offerings fuse seamlessly with eco-conscious practices. Across our luxurious Indian Ocean havens, we invite you to savour meticulously crafted dishes that intertwine the finest, sustainably caught fish with culinary brilliance.

Amidst sun-soaked beaches and lavish accommodations, our resorts offer an experience like no other. Relish the freshest catches, artfully prepared to honour responsible sourcing. A harmonious blend of tradition and innovation awaits your palate, as our skilled chefs infuse global and local influences into every bite.

Join us to taste the freshest catch and indulge in our culinary delights. Book your stay today.

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