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At Constance Hotels & Resorts, we understand the importance of enjoying family time when you have different interests to cater for, be it the adventurous teenager, the curious toddler, or the relaxation-seeking parents.

That’s why our resorts promise activities that span across ages, ensuring that every day unfolds a new chapter of fun, exploration, and togetherness. Dive in, as we journey through a world where luxury meets familial warmth, and every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Kids Club for ages 4-11

Children have an innate sense of wonder, and at our Kids Club, we nurture this curiosity, transforming each day into a delightful adventure. Whether you’re diving deep into your own tranquil experience or exploring the island, you can relax knowing your child is on their own exciting journey.

Making a splash in our pools

Our swimming pools serve as a dynamic playground, transforming simple swims into fun-filled games and activities.

While kids enjoy free play, splashing around, our team organises relay races that promote teamwork and friendly competition where everyone is a winner. Games like tag offer excitement, making the poolside experiences diverse and memorable for every young guest.

Adventures in nature

Our islands are rich in nature, and we encourage our kids club members to learn all about it. Our vast outdoor spaces are perfect for young adventurers to play in.

Our team are knowledgeable about our surroundings, and they engage every guest in fun, educational journeys that teach a love and respect for nature.

Digital experiences

In today’s digital age, we recognise the allure of screentime for kids. That’s why our computer stations are both fun hubs and safe spaces.

Whether it’s a strategy game that hones problem-solving skills or an interactive learning module on the internet, our stations ensure kids get a balanced mix of play and education. Safety is paramount, and all digital activities are monitored and age-appropriate.

Bringing art and culture together

Art has the power to express, to narrate stories, and to capture memories. At our kids clubs, arts and crafts sessions are more than just activities; they’re memory-making moments.

Drawing from local traditions and culture, children can get hands-on with learning and create artifacts that resonate with the spirit of the island. Whether it’s a traditional mask, a painted shell, or a woven bracelet, each item crafted becomes a tangible memory of their stay.

Culinary adventures

Food isn’t just about nutrition; it’s an experience. Under guidance of our trained team, kids can don the chef’s hat, trying their hand at pizza-making, learning the art of ice cream creation, or mixing up their own fruity smoothies.

As they enjoy their self-made treats, they also learn lessons on flavours, nutrition, and the joy of cooking.

Family golf sessions

For families seeking more than just serene beaches and azure waters, golf presents a delightful escape into the world of greens and stunning landscapes.

With two 18-hole championship golf courses at your disposal, golfing at Constance Belle Mare Plage and Constance Prince Maurice is nothing short of spectacular.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to teach the family or new to the sport, our courses cater to all skill levels. The meticulously maintained greens, strategic bunkers, and meandering waters combine to offer a golfing experience that’s both challenging and rewarding.

If you’re travelling with teenagers or younger kids showing an interest in golf, introduce them to the joys of golf on our courses.

It’s not just about teaching them a new sport; it’s about sharing moments, celebrating little victories, and enjoying the serene outdoors together. For many, these family golf sessions become the highlight of their vacation.

Adventures for older kids

While the younger ones have adventure-filled days at the kids club, older kids will have plenty to do too. Offering a mix of adrenaline, skill-building, and exploration, our activities ensure that the older kids have just as much fun as the little ones.

Diving into marine life

For teens eager to explore an underwater world, we offer diving lessons tailored for beginners and intermediates.

Under the guidance of certified instructors, teenagers can learn the basics, master the techniques, and eventually delve into our azure waters. Discovering coral gardens, encountering exotic marine life, and feeling the weightlessness underwater is an unmatched experience, often turning into a lifelong passion for many.

Picking up archery skills

Archery is a favourite for young people who love a challenge. Suitable for children aged 10 and older, these classes are more than just sport; they’re a lesson in concentration, patience, and discipline.

With every arrow released, they not only aim for the bullseye but also discover a newfound respect for this elegant sport.

Adrenaline filled rafting

Pitting strength and coordination against the waves, water rafting is an activity that’s as challenging as it is fun. Whether choosing to go solo or teaming up with the whole family to take on the water, the thrill of navigating the waters will be unforgettable.

Be an ace on the tennis courts

For families who prefer their adventures to stay on land, our tennis courts await.

Whether it’s a friendly match among siblings or a training session to hone your skills, the fun of a well-played game under the tropical sky is unbeatable. And for the novices, it’s a wonderful opportunity to pick up a new sport.

Family time, the Constance Way

From the little joys of our younger guests discovering the world through play at our kids club, to the thrill of older kids venturing into new adventures like diving and archery, we cater to all.

Every activity, every experience, is thoughtfully curated to ensure that every moment spent with us becomes a cherished memory.

So whether you’re soaking in the serenity of our pristine beaches, challenging yourself on our golf courses, or delving into the underwater wonders of our marine sanctuaries, know that with Constance Hotels & Resorts, you’re not just holidaying – you’re creating stories that will be shared and remembered for years to come.

Join us for your next family adventure and create lasting memories. View our exclusive offers today.

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