Experience Spa-sophrology with Ymalia and Constance U Spa

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You may have read the recent news about our partnership with luxury Parisian skincare brand Ymalia. Launched last month at Constance Moofushi, the new treatments are based around sophrologist and Ymalia founder Maryse de Wever’s holistic wellness concept, which combines sophrology with innovative Cosmébio-labelled skincare formulations for a luxury, unforgettable spa experience.


Ymalia serum promises great results


So what exactly is sophrology? A blend of Eastern and Western healthcare philosophies, it is a therapeutic discipline aimed at alleviating stress, anxiety and fatigue by a combination of techniques such as deep breathing, concentration, visualisation and simple movements known as Dynamic Relaxation. The practice treats the body and mind as a whole, and aims to bring harmony to human beings.

At Constance, each new Ymalia treatment starts with sophrology dynamic relief based on breathing. Stress and anxiety melt away. Immersed in a soothing atmosphere, our methods relax the body making it more responsive to the treatment in hand, guaranteeing its effectiveness.



Luxurious Ymalia products

All Ymalia skincare products are bursting with active ingredients, which are naturally rich in vitamin E, vitamin C and marine polyphenols. These are blended with the benefits of primal-source waters: floral water, spring water and isotonic seawater.

Perhaps more familiar to us as a type of energy-boosting sports drink, the isotonic water used by Ymalia is crafted with 26% pure seawater, making it rich in micronutrients that boost the skin’s natural built-in mechanisms. The water is harvested from a pristine pollution-free area and is biocompatible, enhancing the ability of the formula’s active ingredients by increasing their uptake via the skin.

Ymalia treatments are available now at Constance Moofushi and rolling out to Constance Ephélia and Constance Belle Mare Plage in September.

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