#ConstanceWithU Video Competition Winners

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We love all your videos and its hard to pick just one winner! We have 3, instead! Yes, you read it correctly…Surprised?!
Read on to find out more 😊

#ConstanceWithU video competition on Instagram has been one of our multiple attempts to bring some Indian Ocean’s sunshine and Constance Hotels & Resorts’ warmth your way.
With over 50+ wonderful #ConstanceWithU videos submitted, we believe that our attempt has been a success! Thanks to you all.

We were amazed to see how you all responded so positively to our #ConstanceWithU video competition. And that too, during this unsettling pandemic situation.
Not to mention that some of you even had friends to play background music to avoid copyright issues – Well Done!
Moreover, gathering your love ones to illustrate your dream holiday so vividly, only added to the beauty of the competition. Which is why instead of offering just 1 prize, we generously tweaked our plan and have 3 main prizes!

ConstanceWithU Video Competition
1st Prize

So without further ado, our 1st prize goes to Corie Schachner.
👉Congratulations! The 7 night holiday for two on a full board basis at your favourite Constance Hotels & Resorts‘ property, is yours!

ConstanceWithU Video Competition
2nd Prize

The 2nd prize goes to Odo aka, @odo_odorinna.
👉It’s with great pleasure that we are offering you a 5 night holiday for two. Take your pick at any of the seven Constance Hotels & Resorts’ hotel in the Indian Ocean!

ConstanceWithU Video Competition
3rd Prize

We have a 3rd prize too!
👉A complimentary 3-night stay for two on a full board basis at any of our hotels is for Helder aka @helderferreira!

To note that on top of your complimentary hotel stays, the three prizes above include airport transfers!

It is true that the confinement has locked us down, but our minds are free, right? All your videos have shown us this perfectly.

Needless to say that it’s not an easy task to put one’s dream into motion, and all of you who did, we can only say: hats off to you! 🙌
Finally, seeing so much positivity and great effort, we have decided to reward all of you! Surprised again?! Keep scrolling 😊

[origincode_videogallery id=”2″]

And more Prizes…

As mentioned, rewarding all of you who participated is only fair. You will be surprised to know that besides the 3 prizes above, we are giving more!
Hence, all of you who participated in our #ConstanceWithU Instagram video competition, do check your inbox during the next coming days!🎁

Once again, thank you all for participating!

We believe in brighter times ahead and hope #ConstanceWithU is and will be your window to inspiring content, sunny thoughts & positivity!

Want to tell us about your video or where you are dreaming of holidaying? Feel free to do so in the comment field or via our social media channels!




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