Constance stages international fireworks festival

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This week Constance Le Prince Maurice will set the night sky ablaze with a 2-night firework contest featuring some of the world’s leading pyrotechnic artists.

Constance Le Prince Maurice hosts the International Fireworks Festival

Constance Le Prince Maurice hosts the International Fireworks Festival

Representatives from China, France, Brazil and Australia will battle it out in a show of awe-inspiring lights and music on the 13 and 15 November.

International Firework Festival competitors are:

  • Claude Devernois (representing China) – the creator of firework displays for the likes of Jean Michel Jarre and the Burj Hotel Dubai
  • Thierry Lepretre (representing France) – Lepretre has created fireworks everywhere from the Eiffel Tower to South Korea
  • Kamal Seetohul & Ado Vallet (representing Brazil) – the pair have been involved in projects ranging from Les Feux artEventia 2013 to the Brazilian World Cup
  • Marc Jouffroy (representing Australia) – Jouffroy was part of the Spanish team which won the prestigious Celebration of Light competition in Vancouver

The grand finale of the festival will be created by pyrotechnic maestro David Proteau, artistic director of Lacroix-Ruggieri, responsible for fireworks at the centennial of the Statue of Liberty, commemorative celebrations of the fall of Berlin Wall and the World Ski Championship in Italy.

Judges for the competition will be presided over by Eric Serra, artistic director for French filmmaker Luc Besson, and will include Christophe Plantier, general manager at Constance Le Prince Maurice.

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