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In a world increasingly marked by skyscrapers, urban sprawls, and relentless technological advancements, there remain places where nature thrives. The islands of Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Madagascar around our resorts are such sanctuaries, bursting with life and vibrant ecosystems.

The islands are intentionally untouched, demanding delicate care and preservation all year round. At Constance Hotels & Resorts, our commitment to maintaining the biodiversity in the hotspots we call home goes beyond amenities and guest experiences. We honour, preserve, and enhance the natural splendour these islands generously offer. We welcome you to join us to support our beautiful destinations.

Environmental awareness

Our commitment to sustainability isn’t limited to policies on paper, but is vibrantly alive in everything you experience in our resorts.

To maintain the natural beauty and support local communities on our islands, we believe that awareness is the first step, enlightening our team members and guests on environmental issues, making sure that everyone steps onto our islands with a mindset of respect for the natural surroundings.

Educational excursions

Experience first-hand the mesmerising nocturnal world of the Seychelles on our Night Safari at Constance Lemuria, and learn how we protect the delicate ecosystems around us to ensure that we can aid in the conservation of many amazing species in the years to come.

By helping us to protect the vulnerable environment around us, you can help us to preserve it so that future generations can be captivated by our beautiful island surroundings.

Understanding Marine Life

The Indian Ocean harbours our planet’s most magnificent creatures, including the elegant manta ray and the majestic whale shark. Across all our resorts, we invite guests to dive into its depths and immerse themselves in nature. But we go further, collaborating year-round with local experts and conservation groups to ensure unforgettable experiences while safeguarding the local marine life.

Our commitment to understanding the oceans enables us to offer exceptional experiences. Near Moofushi, just off our resort, lies the whale shark migration route, where guests can witness record numbers of these majestic giants from August to November.

Sustainable Starters, Mains and Deserts

Local Seafood Delights

From sea to plate, we specialise in crafting Michelin standard dishes using the freshest catch of the day, promising our guests the taste of opulence with every bite while supporting local marine life and fishermen.

These practices are championed by our fantastic team at Constance Tsarabanjina, with all seafood purchased from the fishermen of Mitsio (the island opposite Tsarabanjina). Once the freshest catches are secured, our chefs take centre stage, using their culinary prowess to expertly utilise the fish across multiple cuisines.

Taste your surroundings

Dining is more than a simple act, it is a chance to indulge yourself into your surroundings and create lasting memories through the channel of taste. Indulging in exquisite dining experiences while embracing sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

Across our resorts in Seychelles and Madagascar we take pride in crafting each dish with locally sourced, fresh, and ethically procured ingredients. By working hand in hand with local producers we promise delicious national dishes, with a luxurious spin and the added benefit of lower food miles.

Sustainability doesn’t mean sacrifice; local ingredients deliver unparalleled freshness, offer an authentic taste of your surroundings and simultaneously lessens our carbon footprint.

Safeguarding local communities and resources

Our islands are more than just picturesque locales; they are rich in natural and cultural treasures. Protecting our communities and resources is not just our responsibility, but our passion.

Our approach to destination protection revolves around two principles: preserving nature’s wonders and celebrating the cultural vibrancy of our local communities.

What truly makes our islands unique is the blend of nature and culture. We take immense pride in promoting local food, entertainment, and traditions.

When you visit one of our resorts, you won’t just be offered a bed to sleep in, but a cultural experience that’s authentic and immersive. By supporting local artisans and encouraging eco-friendly local souvenirs, we ensure that tourism directly benefits the community, promoting a cycle of sustainability and cultural appreciation.

Visiting our islands is a soul-enhancing experience, and we are dedicated to ensuring that it remains vibrant and untouched.

Protecting marine life

The glistening waters surrounding our islands are not just a sight to behold; they are teeming ecosystems, alive with diverse marine life. These underwater realms are fragile, which is why we’re deeply committed to their conservation.

Keeping water clean

One of our foundational practices is ensuring no wastewater is discharged into the ocean. This not only protects marine species but also ensures the crystalline clarity of the waters our guests so cherish.

We acknowledge the importance of clean seas, not just for the marine inhabitants but for humanity. We actively support and partake in marine and coastal clean-ups, underscoring our promise to combat the global challenge of marine pollution.

Coral restoration

Our conservation initiatives take a proactive approach too.

Coral reefs, the vibrant underwater metropolises, face threats from global factors like climate change. Our coral planting initiative seeks to rejuvenate and restore these crucial ecosystems, ensuring they continue to thrive and support countless marine species.

Baby turtle ceremonies

Sometimes, the smallest gestures resonate the loudest.

Our baby turtle release ceremonies are not just heartwarming events; they symbolise our dedication to giving every creature, big or small, a fighting chance in this vast blue expanse.

Our ongoing conservation journey

Our islands, with their pristine beauty and rich cultural tapestry, offer more than just a getaway; they present a lesson in coexistence, balance, and reverence for nature.

As visitors come and go, lulled by the gentle waves and swayed by the island melodies, we hope to instill in them a sense of purpose, a realisation that every choice they make, no matter how small, can contribute to the global tapestry of conservation.

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