Capturing the Essence of the Maldives: Nina Brooke’s #ConstanceArtLove Journey

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Nina Brooke, an artist known for her love of the ocean and travel, was the perfect match for the Maldives. In this article, discover Nina’s journey as an artist and how she captured the dreamworld of Constance Hotels & Resorts on canvas during her stay at the luxurious Maldivian retreats of Constance Halaveli and Constance Moofushi.

1. How would you describe yourself as an artist? 

I am an aerial landscape painter that currently focuses on beaches and oceans from around the world.

2. What inspires your work? 

I am inspired by travel, seeing the world from above with all its colours, landscapes and life forms. All playing a part on the earth’s surface. It started with the love for flying and looking out the aeroplane window. Seeing how we all live so differently around the globe. Depicting the world in colour with lively brushstrokes from a birds eye view. 

Furthermore, looking from different heights allows us to reflect on our lives on a day to day basis as we move. It’s an incredible world out there. It’s my role to paint it as I see it. I express my passion for this subject equally through the language of brushstrokes and colour.

3. Tell us about your journey to where you are now, as an artist? 

Coming from an artistic family in Cornwall, I was nurtured from a young age. My mother, a potter, and aunt a portrait painter, we did a lot of travelling around the UK and Europe to see museums and shows. 

At secondary school, I received the highest score in the Country in Art. Consquently this led me on to do an Art Foundation at University and onto a First Class degree at Falmouth school of Art. I started my solo shows at 19 years old and continued working other jobs until at 24, eventually my shows started selling out. I took it on as a full time career. 

Travel was a huge part of becoming an artist as it inspires my work and generates new aerial landscapes as I go. Therefore, since 2017 I have been travelling around the world to incredible locations to depict them from the sky. 

4. What are you most looking forward to whilst visiting the island? 

Most looking forward to seeing the crystal clear water colours. The layout of the island as it meets the sea and what makes it unique. I’m also looking forward to meeting the people who live and work there and how they find living in paradise. 

5. What intrigued you about Constance Hotels & Resorts? 

Apart from being 5 star luxury in the most beautiful parts of the world, in some of the most turquoise water you have ever seen. Additionally, I’m interested in the layout of the hotel against all their stunning locations. I’m interested in structure, objects in space, light, colour, depth and how the dreamworld comes alive.

I have always wanted to paint the Maldives and Constance seemed like the perfect hotel to work with as there seemed a genuine welcome to join the dreamland they have created for you to enjoy. Moreover, I was also intrigued by their conservation projects, sensitive to their surroundings and sustainability. 

See Nina’s master-pieces here!

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