BBC describes Organ Pipes of Madagascar as a ‘natural wonder’

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BBC Worldwide has described the stunning basalt columns of Madagascar’s Nosy Mitsio as a ‘bizzare natural wonder’ in a recent travel article.

A short boat ride from Constance Tsarabanjina, Nosy Mitsio’s Organ Pipes, as the copper-toned basalt columns are known, tower in places to up to 20 metres and, according to the BBC article, bear an uncanny resemblance to Northern Ireland’s Giant Causeway.


Madagascar’s Organ Pipes

Formed by a volcanic eruption around 125 million years ago, the dramatic columns are today littered with fossils of sea creatures around 400 million years old, thrust to the surface during the eruption.

The Mitsio archipelago, of which both Nosy Mitsio and Tsarabanjina are a part, is a predominantly uninhabited chain of islands 70km off the northwest coast of Madagascar. Small fishing villages, largely unchanged for hundreds of years, support the only local population making it an ideal destination for travellers looking to discover authentic Madagascan island life.

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