A Wedding Worth The Wait

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Have you had to postpone your wedding and are now looking to explore wedding options again?

It might not seem like it at first, but planning a wedding in an exotic location, needn’t take any more effort than organising one close to home. 

And there are many benefits to opting for an overseas wedding, including a more intimate ceremony that can be enjoyed with close family and friends.  

Whether you’ve decided on a tropical, magical celebration in the Maldives or even Seychelles for example, we’ve got all the bases covered from choosing the perfect venue to coordinating every last detail for the ‘big’ day. 

But before you jet off to a foreign land to marry your love, there are some important details to consider. 

Get your notepad at the ready, and prepare to be enriched with our plethora of wedding opportunities at Constance Hotels & Resorts.

A Background To Constance Weddings

Before we delve into our top five tips for planning a wedding, at Constance Hotels & Resorts, we offer a plethora of breathtaking destinations like no other.

With soft white sand that stretches for miles and an immersive, tranquil scenery that is perfect for a wedding destination – it’s safe to say that our hotels and venues offer something for everyone. 

Indulge in your dreams of a memorable wedding at one of the most romantic destinations in the world with our four hotels and resorts to choose from:

So, what makes weddings at Constance Hotels & Resorts unique and unforgettable?

Well, here are just a few of what our wedding packages have to offer:

  • Enticing scenery
  • Luxurious villas and picturesque suites
  • In-room gifts
  • Sunset cruise
  • Exclusive wine tastings and romantic dinners
  • Couple massage
  • Champagne breakfast

If you’re interested in finding out more on how Constance can make your wedding dreams become a reality, follow the link and explore our extensive package offering.  

Start With The Destination

The first question to ask yourselves, is where do you want your wedding to be? 

Would you prefer a discrete island getaway, hidden away on the serene island of Seychelles? Or perhaps you’re swaying towards the magnificent marvel that is the Maldives?

Here at Constance Hotels & Resorts we have a range of intimate, clean private resorts nestled amongst the beauty of the Indian Ocean.

To narrow down on this broad question, a great place to start is with the climate. 

Are you choosing to opt for a wedding abroad for the exquisite climate? 

If you want to better understand the best time to venture over to our breathtaking Constance resorts, then head over to our recent blog where we outline the recommended  times of the year to visit the Indian Ocean.

Create Your Guest List Early

One big task that you should tick off early when planning a wedding abroad is creating your guest list. This can be an extremely difficult task so we recommend getting this completed as soon as possible.

A tip is to start with your close friends and family, then if budget allows, add additional guests. 

Once you have curated a guest list, you can then narrow down your favourite chosen destinations. 

Leave Enough Time

When it comes to any form of planning, organisation is key. 

According to Wedsites: “research shows that most couples spend approximately 12 – 18 months planning their wedding, which usually adds up to between 200 – 500 hours in total”,

With that being said, we recommend that you start planning your dream wedding abroad at least a year in advance. This will provide you with enough time to make those all-important decisions in an efficient manner to avoid hasty and rash decisions, as well as reducing the feelings of stress and overwhelm.  

Booking ahead may also mean you can take advantage of deals that are on offer and you can revel in the exciting build-up to the big day. 

Your proactive mindset will leave you feeling accomplished and excited for what’s to come. 

The Perfect Intimate Ceremony

If you are looking to have a smaller ceremony, then Constance & Resorts has everything you desire to make your day unforgettable.

With our beautiful villas, intimate weddings have never been as beautiful.

Feel safe and at ease at Constance Hotels & Resorts, and ensure that everyone has a special day.

A Virtual Wedding Has Never Been Easier

With the current restrictions, travelling in groups might not be possible, but attending a wedding virtually is now easier than ever.

Here at Constance Hotels & Resorts we offer complimentary wifi at the hotel, meaning that all your guests can attend your wedding virtually with ease.

So you can use platform such as Zoom to ensure that all your guests are present, albeit virtually, on your special day.

The Beach Wedding Dress Of Dreams

When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, the range of options can be overwhelming.

We recommend choosing a lightweight material to ensure you don’t get too hot with the warm climate.

Below we have one of our stunning brides at Constance Hotels & Resorts in a delicate, white lace dress that oozes romance and sophistication.

Or why not opt for a simple shoulder-less dress that drapes effortlessly to the soft white sand. Perfect for the warmer days, this dress will have heads turning and make you feel like one in a million.

Create A Vision Board

Have you got thousands of ideas but you can’t put into words exactly what you want? Then put everything in one place on a vision board. 

Whether you want to print images off and pin them to a physical board, or if you want to opt for a virtual version on Pinterest. The choice is yours.

When planning any occasion, it’s great to pull everything together visually. 

By having one place to look at all your ideas, you can see what works and what doesn’t.

From the location to the nitty-gritty details such as table features, vision boards will help you immensely.

We hope these tips have provided you with insightful information and guided you with what to prioritise first when planning your wedding abroad.

Remember to relax and enjoy the process, the planning stages are an exciting and memorable part of your wedding. 

We hope this blog has inspired you, and we are so excited for your dream wedding to become a reality. 

What are your wedding plans? Are you planning to have a wedding abroad?

Tell us in the comments below.

Feel free to reach out via our social channels and share your photos with the hashtag #MyConstanceMoment

Hope for sunnier days with #ConstanceWithU




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    Margaret Nakaye
    May 28, 2021 at 4:27 pm

    Been to Constance ephilia once nut I must say it’s amazing!
    I come from Uganda and planning to have my wedding in Seychelles. Can’t imagine how beautiful it can be.

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