5 activities not to miss during your holidays in the Maldives

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Ditch the ordinary with a luxury holiday in the Maldives and go beyond the usual sunbathing on white sand beaches and swimming through vibrant coral reefs. At Constance Halaveli and Moofushi we’ve added a few more delights to surprise you.  

Here’s our guide to 5 activities not to miss on your luxury  during your Constance Maldives holiday. 

1. Watching a movie on the beach under the stars

Imagine this: the gentle waves lap the shore as a warm Maldivian breeze carries the scent of the ocean.  

With Cinefushi, Constance Moofushi transforms your movie night into an unforgettable beachfront experience.  

Sink into a plush beanbag, popcorn in hand, and sip on a refreshing cocktail as you lose yourself in a film of your choice under a dazzling blanket of stars. 


2. Traditional Maldivian night fishing

Sail beneath a canopy of stars on a traditional Maldivian Dhoni, its curved hull gliding effortlessly across the calm waters.  

Constance Halaveli ‘s unique fishing trip by lantern lets you experience a timeless island tradition. Cast your line under the inky night sky, the only light coming from the gentle glow of lanterns. As you navigate the tranquil waters, watch in wonder as bioluminescent plankton paints the sea with an ethereal light.  

Return with your catch and the resort’s chefs will create a delicious meal, transforming your adventure into a truly unforgettable taste of the Maldives. 

3. Wine tasting in the lagoon

Indulge in a barefoot wine adventure at Constance Moofushi. Feel the warm Maldivian current kiss your toes as our passionate sommelier curates a journey through exquisite wines 

Each sip, expertly guided by their knowledge, unlocks a world of flavour against the stunning backdrop of the turquoise ocean. This unforgettable experience is a symphony for your senses. 

4. Morning yoga on the beach

Greet the rising sun with a rejuvenating yoga session at Constance HalaveliProject yourself on a pristine Maldivian beach, the calming rhythm of the Indian Ocean lapping at the shore.  

Choose from individual or group yoga sessions, and let the expert instructors guide you through a practice that perfectly complements the serenity of the sunrise. 

5. A day on your own desert island

Escape to your own private paradise around the Ari Atoll on a deserted island or a pristine sandbank. Constance Hotels can whisk you away for a day of blissful seclusion. Try to picture crystal-clear waters beckoning you for a refreshing swim, followed by moments of pure relaxation on the soft sand.  

As the sun dips below the horizon, a gourmet torch-lit dinner for two arrives, transforming the beach into a magical setting for an unforgettable romantic experience. 

Ready to craft your own Maldivian adventure? 

The Maldives offers more than just stunning scenery. With these five unique activities at Constance Halaveli and Moofushi, your Maldivian escape will be an unforgettable blend of adventure, relaxation, and luxury.   

From casting a line under a starlit sky to indulging in a private beachside dinner, these experiences will create memories that will last a lifetime. 

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