Honeymoon offer: 80% discount for your spouse!

Romantic beach wedding

Romantic beach, luxury honeymoon discount

Planning your dream honeymoon? We’ve got an amazing 80% discount offer for your

spouse between May 1, 2011 and October 10, 2011. To be eligible, you’ll have to stay a minimum of 5 nights – but as this is going to be your honeymoon of a lifetime, we don’t think that will pose you too much of a problem.

This paradise honeymoon offer includes:

  • Daily Breakfast and dinner for adult
  • Candlelit Dinner /room(1 gift)
  • Fruit speciality and wine /room(1 gift)

This special offer isn’t compatible with any of our other offers.

Find out more about this romantic honeymoon discount offer, along with terms and conditions.

What our customers are saying: reviews of our luxury hotels

Lobster, luxurious food

Lobster, delicious food

A true paradise
“I spent one week at the Lemuria Resort last year and it was a true paradise. I saw a lot of 5 and even 6 star resorts in my life and this resort made it definitively in the top10.

I tried all three restaurants and the food was always delicious. The Service during my stay was on a very high level without many flaws and reflects the 6 star standard of the resort.

One of the best things about this resort is its setting: The Lemuria has 3 private (and in this case they are really private – not like the Anse Intendance of the Banyan Tree) beaches.

So is it worth the money? Yes every cent as long as you love the nature of the Seychelles. Would I recommend this resort? Yes without a doubt.”

Read the full Constance Lemuria Resort review on  Trip Advisor:.

Le Prince Maurice, main entrance hall

Le Prince Maurice, main entrance hall

Very Luxurious and elegant
“Le Prince Maurice is an absolutely wonderful hotel. It is stunningly beautiful as you enter its reception area and look across its infinity pool to end your gaze in its lagoon with white sand beach and calm water. Rooms are beautiful and well equipped with e.g. Mac computer (MacTV I believe).”

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Golfing in Lemuria

Lumuria Golf Course

Truly relaxing!
“Right from arrival at LeMuria both my boyfriend and I were impressed with the customer service. We were greeted, bags taken straight off us and we didnt see them until we were taken (by golf buggy) to our room by member of conceirge. The room was big, with a lovely balcony and a bathroom that had shutters so you could see the TV from the bath! (a real plus by my other halfs estimation!)

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Relax in a luxury spa

Relax in a luxury spa

Beautiful, the staff were attentive and I felt totally relaxed
“Had a week here and had the most enjoyable stay. The staff were very attentive and I felt totally relaxed. Lots of water sports all included in the stay my husband learnt how to sail. Stunning location and the rooms were spacious and luxurius.

Read the full Constance Le Prince Maurice review on  Trip Advisor.

Simply Perfect
“To begin with, just in a nutshell: The Constance Le Prince Maurice is simply perfect and one of the two best beach resorts, I have ever spent my vacation in. My spouse and myself stayed for one week in the Constance Le Prince Maurice in September 2009 and we loved it. Both restaurats are simply amayzing.”

Luxury Beach

Luxury beach holidays

Very Luxurious and elegant
“Le Prince Maurice is an absolutely wonderful hotel. It is stunningly beautiful as you enter its reception area and look across its infinity pool to end your gaze in its lagoon with white sand beach and calm water. Rooms are beautiful and well equipped with e.g. Mac computer (MacTV I believe).”

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First tasting session at Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival

Tuesday and the Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival stepped up a gear! Our teams of chefs were tasked with developing dishes in keeping with the Constance Hotels Experience’s spirit:

Reinvent a delicate cuisine, where the culinary traditions of the Indian Ocean islands simmer and blend with flavours from Asia, Africa and Europe

The European chefs aim to pass knowledge and experience to the talented Mauritian cooks in a culinary exchange that will develop original recipes while keeping a Mauritian focus.

Meet the teams of chefs >

sponsors ddf enterprise and gourmet emporium enjoy opening cocktail

Sponsors DDF Enterprise and Gourmet Emporium enjoy an opening cocktail

The first trial on Tuesday involved the preparation and testing of the new recipes created by the teams.

The dishes were anonymously presented to our team of judges who tested them.

This hard day’s trial was topped off with a cocktail evening attended by sponsors, organisers and chefs alike.

Still to come:

Wednesday 16th March
Second trial day for the teams allowing them to perfect the dishes to be presented on the final day of the competition.

Thursday 17th March
The Final! The European Chefs withdraw from their respective teams, leaving the Island Chefs to prepare the dishes perfected with their counterpart on their own.

Friday 18th March
A 6-Star dinner at the Blue Penny Cafe Restaurant. During this evening the 6 Chefs will demonstrate their culinary talent and each one will prepare one of the 6 dishes – thus a 6-star menu! This will be presented to any guests of the hotel interested in sampling the extraordinary and collaborative menu.

Saturday 19th March
The winner’s will be announced!

Sunday 20th March
The European Chefs will get the change to demonstrate their culinary talent!

The chef teams are chosen for the festival!

The lots have been drawn and the teams of chefs have been chosen for this year’s amazing Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival at the Constance Belle Mare Plage Hotel in Mauritius.

European chefs have been paired with talented island chefs to share knowledge and experience in a culinary exchange that will develop original recipes while keeping a Mauritian focus.

Our chef teams this year are:

mike north and marcus accouche

Mike North and Marcus Accouche

Mike North and Marcus Accouche
Marcus joined Constance Lémuria Resort as Commis in May 2008 and he has already participated in 5 internal competitions in pastry and cuisine. He won a gold medal in September 2010 and he is very proud to represent Constance Lemuria Resort in this year’s festival. He really wants to bring back the trophy to his home island of Seychelles!

Passionate about cuisine, Marcus spends a lot of time scouring the Internet for new ideas and inspiration to expand his culinary skills. He is coupled with Mike North, chef and proprietor (along with his fiancée, Imogen Young) at The Nut Tree Inn, in Murcott, Oxfordshire, UK.

Mike’s philosophy for food is to buy the best possible ingredients, cook them respectfully and intelligently, and give the diner a sense of simplicity – allowing the flavours to be as natural as possible. In 2008 Mike was awarded a Michelin Star for his efforts.

serge vieira and harrish mungur

Harrish Mungur and Serge Vieira

Harrish Mungur and Serge Vieira
Harrish is representing the Constance Belle Mare Plage. He is insatiable when it comes to food – especially pastry! He is a calm and serene worker with an excellent sense of organisation. This is a real challenge for him and his goal is to win the trophy!

Harrish is teamed with Serge Vieira, chef at the restaurant Chaudes-Aigues in France. Serge won the first competition he entered, Jean Botio’s ‘Auvergne-Quebec’ in 1997. He then tried the “Artistic National Competition of Cooking” under the advice of Régis Marcon, to further improve his techniques. He walked away with first prize yet again. He was awarded his first Michelin star and a nomination for a second star only 8 months after opening his own restaurant.

Jerome Manifacier and Ashley Ramasawmy

Jerome Manifacier and Ashley Ramasawmy

Ashley Ramasawmy and Jerome Manifacier
Ashely represents the Constance Le Prince Maurice. Ashley says: ‘I will play the game as seriously as my opponents to win and bring the trophy back to honour Constance Le Prince Maurice and my team’. His dedication and hard work since joining the Constance team in 2009 ensured he was asked to participate in the 2011 Culinary Festival.

Ashley is joined by Jerome Manifacier, chef at the restaurant Vertig’o at the Hotel De La Paix in Geneva, Switzerland. Jerome Manifacier has more than 20 years of experience behind him. He said: “I was lucky because in general my employers were quick to trust me. I met extraordinary Chefs such as Maurice Duplay. On the morning of my first day I was cutting vegetables, and by the evening I was cooking!”

Thomas Herman and Keeshan Shibchurn

Thomas Herman and Keeshan Shibchurn

Keeshan Shibchurn and Thomas Herman
Like Harrish, Keeshan is also representing the Belle Mare Plage Hotel. He’s passionate about fusion cooking and is very creative, constantly expanding his knowledge. This will be the third time that he is taking part in the Culinary Festival. As one of the finalists in 2009, Keeshan is determined to win first prize this year!

Thomas Herman joins Keeshan for the Festival. He’s chef of the Restaurant Herman in Copenhagen, Denmark. In March 2009, chef Thomas and his staff were honoured with the greatest recognition a restaurant can hope for when they were awarded a Michelin star. In November 2009, Restaurant Herman was voted ‘Restaurant of the Year’ by the Danish Michelin equivalent, the ‘Gudme Raaschou Spiseguide’.

Xabi Ibarbourne and Sarojsingh Darlami

Xabi Ibarbourne and Sarojsingh Darlami

Saroj Singh Magar Darlami and Xabi Ibarbourne
Saroj Singh is representing the Constance Halaveli Resort. This is the first year that the Maldivian resort has participated in the culinary festival Bernard Loiseau and Nepalese Saroj is very proud and excited to be taking part.

Xabi joins Sarojsingh from La Table and l’Hostellerie des Frères Ibarboure in Bidart, France.  Xabi grew up among steaming pots, tantalizing aromas, noisy furnaces and the intrinsic stress that seems to go hand in hand with being a chef. He and his wife Soline joined the family business and Xabi enhances his father’s delicious menu with his own distinctive and modern techniques.

Hans Horberth and Aviraj Parreague

Hans Horberth and Aviraj Parreague

Aviraj ‘Virage’ Parreague and Hans Horberth
Aviraj is representing the Contance Ephelia Resort in the Seychelles. His nickname ‘Virage’ was given to him by Chef Michel Portos during the first edition of the Culinary Festival in 2006 and has stuck with him ever since. Aviraj does not stop practicing and learning. He has won several medals in internal competitions. Most notably at the annual ‘Black Box Competition’, where he successively won the bronze, silver, and finally the gold medal in 2008. In 2006, he won third place in the Culinary Festival Bernard Loiseau.

Aviraj is joined by Hans Horberth, chef at La Vision Restaurant in Koln, Germany. In 1999, Michelin awarded him his first Michelin star at the Hotel in Bad Laasphe Jagdhof Glashütte, a star which he has been able to keep at Villa Merton in Frankfurt as well as his current restaurant in Cologne where he works since 2008. Hans Horberth cuisine is characterised by a very individual style of modern classic and is one of the most famous and innovative Chefs in Germany (Diners Award 2010).

Luxury hotel offer: Kids stay for free!

Children on beach, luxury hotel offer, kids go free

Luxury hotel offer: kids go free!

Constance Hotels Experience has an amazing special offer for anyone planning a luxury hotel break between May 1, 2011 and October 20, 2011 – Children under 12 with an extra bed and sharing with their parents go free!

This offer is not compatible with any other offers.

See details of this and other offers here: Kids stay at Luxury hotel for free

Improving on paradise: top travel gadgets for your holiday

Luxury beach loungers

What travel gadgets can enhance paradise?

So you’re planning a luxury holiday somewhere exotic and want to know some of the latest travel gadgets to take along to make your trip that little bit more special? Here’s a roundup of some of the essentials:

Kindle (ebook reading device)
The Amazon Kindle is fast becoming the ebook reading device. Small, lightweight and not backlit like tablets, it is the perfect travel gadget for bookworms. You can store more books on your Kindle than you could ever get through on one holiday – and with built in wireless and contrast control, it’s means you can leave the bulky printed books at home and travel light.

Find out more about the Amazon Kindle

iPad, Motorola Xoom or other tablets
Since it came on the market less than a year ago, the iPad has taken the world by storm and a host of android tablets followed, like the Motorola Xoom.

The perfect travel gadget, tablets can store your favourite movies and TV shows, let you browse the web to find out more about the local area and can house your music collection.

Portable, cool and functional, tablets have finally come of age. The new iPad2 even has a built in camera and video recorder and a new, slimmer and lighter casing.

Find and more about the iPad or the Motorola Xoom

Apps, apps, apps
If you’re taking a tablet away on holiday with you, you’ll need to know the best travel apps to download. Here’s just a few ideas:

  1. XE – a free app providing simple, live currency conversion. A must have app. Just search for XE in your tablet or phone app store. The website is www.xe.com
  2. Flight Status (£2.99) – this app allows you to check on the status of flights in real time, so you’ll be the first to know about delays or cancellations. Just search for flight status in your table or phone app store.
  3. Weather checker – there are a number of free weather apps for androids and Apple products that will tell you local weather worldwide. Just search on weather in your app store.
  4. Phrase books – from Lonely Planet to myLanguage Pro, there are a number of phrasebook apps available. Most cost between £2 and £5, but are well worth it if you want to try out the local language.

3D Camera
Everyone takes a camera or a video camera on their special holiday – but how about a 3D camera? For example, the Sony MHS-FS3 Bloggie 3D HD Camera is a handheld camcorder and can shoot up to 240 minutes of high definition 3-D footage. If people were impressed by your luxury holiday snaps before, just think how amazed they’ll be when they see you diving and golfing in 3D!

Find out more about the Sony Bloggie 3D

Franklin 12-language global translator TGA-490
With 12 languages, over 450,00 words and 12,000 phrases, this hand-held translator is the ideal travel communicator. It speaks back over 115,000 words in a recorded human voice and allows you to record custom words and phrases. The future really has arrived.

Find out more about the Franklin Global Translator

Travel chargers
Travel chargers might not be top of your list for luxury travel gadgets, but they are an essential piece of travel kit for the modern holidaymaker… and they’re not what they used to be.

Travel chargers come in all different shapes and sizes, from solar chargers for laptops, mobiles and tablets, to universal chargers that will adapt for Blackberries, iPhones and other mobile devices.

Find out more about travel chargers on the Powertraveller website.

*Photograph credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaba