Name that sea creature: win champagne, perfume and wine

Snorkelling in the Maldives

Snorkelling in the Maldives

Win champagne, fragrance and wine with Constance.

We need your help to give a pet name to our friendly sea creatures below. They live in the Indian Ocean off Constance Halaveli in the Maldives.

Come up with the best name (winners will be chosen by us, so be creative) and you could win.

To enter, just comment on this blog post, or on our Twitter feed with the name or names for one or both of the below sea creatures.

Bonus: there’s a bonus sea creature to name on the Constance Hotels Facebook page – name this one and you can also win a Magnum of Deutz Champagne. Enter as many times as you like.

We’ll be choosing a winner next Friday 22 July, so get creative. Read our competition Terms and Conditions.

1. Name the Sea Anenome and win a Serge Lutens Fragrance

Sea anemone

Sea anemone in the waters off Constance Halaveli, Maldives

2. Name the Stingray and win a bottle of Art De Vignes wine

Ray in the Indian Ocean off Constance Halaveli, Maldives

Jenkin's Whiptail Stingray

Why not send us your underwater photos from the Maldives or tell us about your experiences of diving and snorkelling in paradise. You can get in touch with us via Twitter, Facebook or the comments section below.

Also, don’t miss our blog post about snorkelling paradise: the Maldives.

Good luck naming our sea creatures – remember, the names we deem most creative, funny or entertaining will win.

Below are our dive masters at Halaveli who took these shots. Lucky, aren’t they.

Dive masters from Constance Halaveli, Maldives

Dive masters from Constance Halaveli, Maldives

217 thoughts on “Name that sea creature: win champagne, perfume and wine

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  5. For the sea anemone – Pink Fandango (as it looks like that shade of pink)
    For the stingray – Rey Rey

  6. stingray name – Troy Tempest – the captain of stingray in the Gerry Anderson tv show of the same name

    sea anemone rini- Purple wobbler

  7. Sea Anenome should be called hanky panky because it’s cute and was the first name I thought when I saw it..and the Stingray should be called Jerry :)

  8. “Magentina ” Name for the beatutiful sea anemone…..a combination of it’s majestic colour ( magenta) and the name Tina an abbreviation of Constance.

  9. Sea Anenome: Mr Blobbys Secret Love Child

    Stingray: Detective Inspector Ray because he is good at “sting” operations.

  10. sea anenome looks like she should be called primrose, cos shes pretty like the flower, and the ray should be arthur as in king arthur cos he is the ruler of his realm

  11. sea anenome – Deep Purple (it’s underwater and is definately purple, not pink!)
    Stingray – Dave (just because!)

  12. I’d call the Sea Anenome the Candy Floss Stinger (for obvious reasons!) and the Stingray I’d call Flash

  13. The Anenome should be named ‘Nalakan’ which is Dhivehi for Beauty.

    The Ray should be named Charles after the amazing singer Ray Charles.

  14. La princesse d`anémones – the princess of all anemones . It`s definitely a princess, a queen would never wear pink ;)

  15. The sea anemone is the same colour as the Maldives national flower, a pink rose, so I´d call it ´Ocean Rose´.

  16. Sea anenome Violet after my granddaughter who was born while we were on holiday in the maldives .Thay are both beautiful to look at!!
    Stingray Victor just becaese thay just look like a Victor!!

  17. The sea anemone should be – Rannamaari, the name of the Maldavian supreme goddess of the sea. It’s a stunning creature and certainly looks regal.

    The whiptail stingray should be – naru nagoo madi (Madi for short!) – as this is the Dhivehi word for stingray!!

    A lovely way to share some of Maldives rich culture with your guests!!

  18. The sea anemone should be called Emily, like anemily.

    The stingray should be called Gary Tins (anagram).

  19. I think the Sea Anenome is called Lily (as immortalised in the song “Lily The Pink”), and the stingray should be called Troy (after Troy Tempest from the TV show “Stingray”)

  20. For the sea anemone I think it shoould be called “Roseus Monstrum” and for the Stingray, that would have to be Jake after my new grandson.

  21. For the stringray – Ray Charles

    and for the Sea Anemone – Sorry, can’t SEE ANY NOME that suits it!!

  22. For some reason that I’m not sure….the pick sea anemone looks like Katie Price!!
    The stingray looks like a Robbie Williams (as in Radio video)!!


  23. Pink was the colour of Lady Penelope in Thunderbirds and the Rolls Royce FAB1 she was a classy lady, so I’d call that one Penelope

    Stingray was a submarine captained by Troy Tempest in another Gerry Anderson series…so Troy seems apt for that beautiful ray co-incidentally :)

  24. I would name the Stingray – Steve – in memory of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin

    The anenome – Prudence – no reason why, just seems right!

  25. Since hot pink is very “this season” and it reminds me of a Harry Potter creature, the sea anenome should be called;

    “fashionably fushia fleur”

  26. Sea Anenome: Corally-cush because it’s a corally pink and actually looks weirdly squishy and comfy like a pillow
    Stingray: Raymondo Le Sting because he does look kind of exotic and cool… like he owns the sea….

  27. Sea Anenome would be called ‘Pippy Cushioner’, because it is girly fluffy name which suits the beautiful pink cushionlike shape.

    Stingray would be called ‘Flash Becomin’ then all the fish could shout when he arrives ‘Flash Becomin’ and warn all their friends.

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  29. i’d name the sea anemone ‘Foe’ because a foe is an enemy (get it???) then I’d have to name the stingray Daniel De.

    Together they’d be Daniel De Foe – who wrote Robinson Crusoe about someone learning to live on a magnificent island. The Maldives look pretty magnificent to me!

    I’ve only every been snorkling once and diving once – but it was during the same holiday and I was on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia so it was pretty spectacular! On the same holiday I also got the chance to hand feed fish to a pod of wild dolphins….gosh I’ve made myself go all gooey now and i just want to go back!

  30. Sea – Anemone Pinking Shears, because obviously its Pink, and its opening is shaped like the cut of pinking shears. I love using mine to cut out labels at christmas time.

    The sting ray – Excalibur after its pointed tail.

  31. For the Anenome:
    Puddlebucket – A play on words from cuddlebucket, but a ‘P’ instead, because of the vibrant Pink color and also because it lives in the sea which is like one big beautiful puddle.
    And for the stingray:
    Cruz – Because of the way it gently cruises along the water, yet it can be big and powerful, which is in tune with the easygoing yet modern, rarity and uniqueness of the name.

  32. Somebody has already chosen Hermione Anemone so reluctantly, I shall have to change her name (and her gender) to Biggins (who always looks pretty in pink)
    Barbarella is still a perfect name for the Stingray

  33. stingray stingray….. always makes me think of the thunderbirds so he has to be thunderbirds and then when he swims off you get to say “thunderbirds are go!” and start singing lol!!

    on the same theme the anenome could be lady penelope anenome but if you look at the distance shot the fingers look a bit like the top half of a man, ie his head and arms so looks like poor parker had a day off and lady penelopes driving leaves a lot to be desired!!! poor parker!!

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