White-Tailed Birds At Constance Ephelia

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White-tailed birds are a beautiful species of tropicbird that are found in the Atlantic, Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

In this blog, you will meet Markus, the health safety and environment project manager at Constance Ephelia. Markus will take you on a journey in learning more about this charming species as he answers insightful questions.

After witnessing the birth of some white-tailed nestlings, now is the perfect time to learn more about this breathtaking bird.

Carry on reading to absorb information about the magnificent white-tailed bird…

Learn All About This Beautiful Bird

Beautiful long-tailed white seabirds are scientifically known as Phaethon lepturus. Commonly known for their striking long tail and calm nature they truly are a spectacle.

They can be found nesting on the ground at the bottom of trees or in the holes of trees if predators are near. However, if predators are located on the island they choose to nest in the holes of trees to protect themselves and their young. 

When these elegant birds are young they are known for being grey, with fluffy white and grey feathers. Not only this but their long tail is only grown after a year they are born.

This wonderful species of bird can have a wingspan that measures an outstanding 90-95cm. So when you look up high in the sky this will catch your eye instantly and leave you in awe.

Where Can They Be Found At Constance Ephelia?

“Look above and get ready to be left speechless, this beautiful species of bird can usually be found flying high up in the sky.

You can also find them nesting in the quiet woodland on the peaceful hillside next to the hotel where our Ephelia hike is located. 

These birds were nesting within the hotel next to Corossol Restaurant and Junior Suites. Occasionally, you may also be able to see this breathtaking species as part of our guided tour.”

How Do You Take Care Of White-Tailed Birds?

“We leave them in their natural habitat left to their own devices so they can feel settled and not in harm’s way.

In order to ensure trees don’t obstruct their nesting areas, we occasionally trim the trees back slightly.”

Given That The Bird Laid Her Egg, What Can You Say About The Eco-system?

” This is a great sign that the birds feel comfortable in a balanced environment within a large hotel operation.

At Constance Ephelia, it’s extremely important that we don’t obstruct or harm the wildlife at our resort. We ensure to nurture and look after the natural beauty that we are so lucky to have.”

How Often Do You See White-tailed Tropic Birds Lay Eggs And Hatch At Constance Ephelia?

“It’s the very first time within the hotel that we have witnessed this memorable moment.

It might have happened before, but it’s hard to see as the nest is hidden within the tree fork in the forest or quiet coastal areas.”

What Do They Eat? Do You Assist In The Food-finding?

“We don’t interfere too much, the birds will take care of themselves by catching mainly fish in the beautiful blue ocean.

Although if we come across any injured birds, we will help them to get back to full health so they can survive in the wild.”

Are White-Tailed Birds Protected In Seychelles?

“Every species of bird is protected under the ‘Wild animals and birds protection act’ with the exemption or introduced birds and some sea birds in their nesting season. 

Tropicbirds are common seabirds but nesting on the populated islands of Seychelles is less compared to the outer islands, due to dense populations and predators like cats and rats.”

When Is The Nesting Season?

“The nesting season is all-year-round with a little increase in the second half of the year.”

Do We Have A Lot Around Constance Ephelia?

“We don’t have a huge number of white-tailed birds as they are always on the move, but they do enjoy our woodland located on the hillside at Constance Ephelia.”

Are There Any Other Birds That Can Be Found In The Surrounding Area?

” Other sea birds that can be located around the area are Fairy/white tern, Wimbrel, Rudy Turnstone and Gray herons.

We also have endemic birds at Ephelia like the Seychelles Sunbird, Kestrel, Blue pigeon, Fruit bat, Swiftlet. Also not forgetting the special Seychelles Scopes Owl which is rare but sometimes at night, you can hear them flying over the hotel.”

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