Vegetarian food in the Indian Ocean worth writing home about

Vegetarian Food
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For vegetarians abroad, finding meat-free food as lovingly prepared and delicious as the food of their carnivorous companions can be a hit and miss affair.

Vegetarian Food

Stunning presentation

While some hotels and resorts have been slow to explore the rich possibilities of vegetarian cuisine, for us at Constance, fresh local produce has always been at the very heart of our culinary offering. Our delicious vegetarian dishes reflect a rich Indian Ocean tradition for meat-free cuisine.

Indian Ocean’s vegetarian tradition

Throughout its history the food of the Indian Ocean has been influence by European colonisers, African traders and Indian settlers, each of which brought their own culinary traditions with them.

But it is the influence of the vegetarian cuisine of the Hindu Indian settlers which has meant that vegetarian food has always played an important part in the region’s diet.

Delicious fresh vegetarian ingredients

The tropical climate of the region means that a sumptuous variety of fresh fruit and vegetables are in season all year round, the perfect foundation for a rich, varied vegetarian menu.

From grilled asparagus to palm heart salad with mango we are able to use freshly sourced ingredients to create delicious, light vegetarian dishes.

Vegetarian Food

Fresh ingredients

Vegetarian fine dining

Inspired by the excellent local ingredients our world-class chefs have searched international cuisines for inspiration for delicious, creative vegetarian dishes from Italian pastas and delectable Spanish tapas to authentic Japanese vegetable sushi.

At Constance Le Prince Maurice guests can enjoy Italian ravioli with cacioricotta cheese sourced locally from a passionate Italian cheese-maker who has his own farm in Mauritius.

For those dining under the stars at Constance Halaveli’s beach restaurant Meeru a dish of Argentinian style ‘provoleta cheese’ is served with oregano and chilli.

Giving vegetarians the chance to enjoy the same authentic island barbecue experience as their fish and meat-eating counterparts is important to our chefs so expect chargrilled vegetables and cheeses. Guests at Halaveli should try the barbecued marinated mature cheddar cheese.

Book a table at Halaveli’s Meeru before you arrive with our online concierge service.

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