Tropical Tipples: Exploring the Art of Cocktail Making

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Picture this: you’re lounging on the balcony of your private villa, the sun dipping below the horizon of the Indian ocean, painting the sky in shades of orange and pink. In your hand a vibrant and refreshing drink that perfectly captures this moment. The taste lingers in your memory long after you have returned home, a small piece of Seychelles that you’ve kept. Join us as we dive into the world of tropical cocktail making at Constance Hotels & Resorts, where every sip is a journey back to that special moment.

Exploring the Tropical Cocktail Concept

Tropical cocktails are more than just drinks – they are an anchor to an experience that encapsulates the feeling of an exotic adventure. More than a mixture of different ingredients, these drinks are carefully crafted to capture the essence of Seychelles. A combination of local ingredients, expert mixology and gorgeous scenery guarantees an experience like no other.

Exotic Fruits and Local Ingredients

Seychelles is home to a wide variety of exotic fruits and locally brewed spirits, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of flavours that define the region. From the succulent sweetness of the golden, sugar and custard apples to the rich character of Takamaka rum.

The art of combining these local delicacies lies in the hands of our master mixologists who skillfully create a delicious concoction that captures Seychelles spirit.

The Magic of Mixology

A memory is more than an event; it’s a moment filled with experiences and emotions. Just as a memory is enveloped in feelings, the same truth applies when crafting a cocktail. While anyone can combine ingredients to concoct a drink, a master mixologist goes beyond this. They weave together every flavour with precision, curating a symphony of taste that evokes a moment of joy. This melding of flavours ensures that each sip consistently rekindles cherished memories.

Behind the Scenes: Constance Hotels & Resorts Mixologists

Step behind the bar, and you’ll meet the masterminds responsible for turning simple ingredients into liquid poetry. These skilled artists blend tradition with innovation, pouring their passion into each cocktail they create. Their creativity knows no bounds, and their dedication to their craft shines in every pour. Mixing, shaking, and stirring, they transform local spirits and exotic fruits into liquid works of art.

The Ultimate Elixirs of Luxury

The Nest bar at Constance Lemuria in Seychelles has reimagined the art of cocktail craftsmanship, showcasing the region’s exotic fruits and locally sourced ingredients to create the perfect blend of refreshing flavours and vibrant essences. Set on top of the small peninsula, the Nest bar enjoys the outstanding view of both Grande Anse and Petite Anse Kerlan beaches.

Rambutan Refresher

Experience Seychelles’ tropical charm with the Rambutan Refresher. A vibrant, sweet and refreshing cocktail that blends Takamaka White Rum with the essence of rambutan fruit, complemented by lime juice and a touch of lychee syrup. A rambutan fruit or lychee garnish adds a final flourish.
Ingredients below:

2 oz Takamaka White Rum
1 oz rambutan puree (strained)
0.5 oz lime juice
Splash of lychee syrup
Rambutan fruit or lychee (for garnish)

Custard Cream Dream

Escape to indulgence with the Custard Cream Dream. Local Takamaka White Rum meets inherently sweet custard apple puree and a hint of vanilla syrup, crowned with nutmeg. An edible flower tops off this dreamlike creation.
Ingredients below:

1.5 oz Takamaka White Rum
1.5 oz custard apple puree (strained)
0.5 oz vanilla syrup
Dash of nutmeg
Edible flower (for garnish)

Sugary Apple Sour

Taking inspiration from Constance Lemuria’s Takamaka bar, discover a tapestry of flavours in the Sugary Apple Sour. As the name suggests the native sugar apple brings a touch of sweetness. Exquisite Takamaka Dark Rum is boosted by flavoursome sugar apple puree, counteracted by lime juice and a touch of simple syrup. A slice of sugar apple garnishes the rim.
Ingredients below:

2 oz Takamaka Dark Rum
1 oz fresh sugar apple puree
0.5 oz lime juice
0.25 oz simple syrup
Sugar apple slice (for garnish)

Elevating the Experience: Joining a Cocktail Workshop

Mixologists Masterclass

Embark on a journey into the heart of mixology excellence when you spend an evening at Constance Ephelia’s Cyann bar. Steal a rare glimpse into the creation of our signature gin cocktails. Guided by our expert mixologists, you’ll witness the techniques, tips, and tricks that transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary drinks.

Bringing the Tropics Home

A cocktail isn’t just a drink; it’s a memory in a glass. Discover how sipping on a tropical cocktail can transport you back to the unforgettable moments you’ve had at Constance Hotels & Resorts.

While you may be miles away from the turquoise waters and ivory shores of Constance Ephelia’s Kabana bar, these cocktails hold the power to whisk you away, even if just for a fleeting moment. As you relish each sip, remember that it’s not just a blend of ingredients, it’s an anchor to a memory once had, a reminder of the luxury and beauty that Seychelles bestowed upon you.

So, whether you’re lounging on your balcony, hosting a gathering of friends, or simply seeking solace after a long day, let the tropical elixirs of Constance Hotels & Resorts be your passport to reliving the magic of Seychelles.

Join us to taste these tropical tipples and create lifetime memories in the Seychelles. Book your stay today.

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