The morning of your wedding: What you need to know

The Morning of your wedding halaveli maldives wedding
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It’s finally time. The big day has arrived, and by this time tomorrow you’ll be well into your first full day of married life. But what do you need to do on the morning of your wedding to make sure everything goes according to plan? We’ve got a few tips for keeping it all on track.

Hang that dress

The morning of your wedding: hang the dress

Allow your gown to breath and de-crease.

If you haven’t already done so, the wedding dress needs to be taken out of its bag and hung up. A bit like a bottle of fine wine, it needs some time to breathe to ensure it settles down. If there are still a few creases, hang it somewhere warm, like the bathroom after you’ve had a shower: the moisture in the air will soon help them drop out.

Plan some pampering

The morning of your wedding: a relaxing massage.

Start your day right with a soothing, nerve-calming massage.

If you didn’t get a perfect night’s sleep before your wedding, you wouldn’t be the first bride and you won’t be the last. Make up for it with something low-key and soothing in the morning, like a massage. You’ll soon forget the hours you’ve missed.

“The day of the wedding we had a couples’ spa treatment – facial and massage – which was a lovely way to relax before the big event,” said Helen McCaughran, who married her now-husband Joe at Constance. “We then went back to our beach villa and shared a bottle of Louis Roederer champagne bought for us by our friends and set to our room. Once we’d finished the champagne, Joe left the beach villa to get ready in one of the water villas. He was picked up in a golf buggy decorated in palm leaves. It was exciting getting ready in such a beautiful location and once dressed in my wedding dress I couldn’t wait to meet my husband-to-be on the jetty!”

Escape for an hour or two

The morning of your wedding: go for a walk.

A little walk on North beach at Constance Ephélia, Seychelles.

Yes, it’s your wedding, but you’re also in a destination far from home and so are your guests. Take the time to drink in your surroundings with someone who’s come all this way to celebrate your special day. It will show them just how much you appreciate them being there.

“My sister and I set off on a nice walk along the beach after our breakfast,” said Natalie Finniss, who chose Constance for her wedding to husband Mark. “It was lovely and relaxed and we just messed around really, a bit like when we were children. Doing cartwheels and handstands in the sand. We laughed a lot and had a very special time together.”

Have your favourite people around you

The morning of your wedding: enjoy with friends

Surround yourself with loved ones.

Keep things stress-free and simple by only having the right people around you on the morning of your wedding. No doubt all your guests will be well-meaning and lovely, but too much attention and fussing can be enough to give anyone the jitters. Decide what you want to happen and let everyone know in advance. They’ll all be thrilled to see you when you finally emerge looking gorgeous.

“My bridesmaid and I spent the morning relaxing on the beach, followed by pampering in the hair salon, then champagne back in the suite whilst getting dressed for the ceremony,” said Hannah Hill, about her wedding to partner Andrew. “I was nervous but so excited! It was very relaxing though to be able to hear and see the sparkling sea from our balcony as we got ready.”

Eat breakfast, follow a schedule, and remember to breathe!

The morning of your wedding: take some time to breathe

Take a minute to enjoy the moment.

Don’t skip your normal routine just because it’s your wedding day, and that means eating breakfast. It will calm you down, and give you energy for the day ahead. If you haven’t already, check your final arrangements with your coordinator and make sure everything’s in place for your hair, makeup, and getting changed into your dress. And finally, don’t forget to take a few moments to absorb everything. This is your wedding day – the day you’ve been dreaming about for months – so remember to stop, look around you, and take it all in.

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