The Importance of Spending Time in Nature 

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Living in a fast-paced world comes with many advantages – we’re able to stay ultra-connected and live full and busy lives! However, it is important to remember the benefits of slowing down and going back to nature. 

A great way to do this is by spending time outdoors in the wonderful world around us. For many, this is more accessible than others due to hectic work schedules, location and other existing commitments. The benefits of making time for reconnecting with nature are amazing. 

Whether this is taking a well-deserved break at one of the Indian Ocean’s magical islands or simply taking a peaceful walk through the park on your lunch break. Here are some of the leading reasons why you should consider spending more time in nature. 

Constance Ephelia. Image credits @katia_m

Say Goodbye To Stress and Anxiety

Hearing the crashing of waves, the patter of rain and watching the sunset light up the sky with magical shades of pink and orange are some of life’s most simple pleasures. With the ability to restore feelings of calmness and alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety, these simple yet incredible moments in nature are scientifically proven to improve wellbeing. 

Exposure to sunlight, beautiful scenery and time away from our devices are proven to reduce stress levels. Lowering stress hormones, they are key to our health and long-term happiness.

Finding somewhere in nature you can feel truly relaxed is incredibly important in helping us to switch off and tune in to the natural world that surrounds us.

Guests feeling calm and relaxed is what Constance Hotels & Resorts strive for. The combination of mesmerising natural surroundings, island beauty and resort facilities ensures a truly relaxing experience. Guests can expect to return to daily life feeling completely refreshed. 

Constance Halaveli

Enhanced Feelings of Connectivity

Another beautiful benefit to spending time with mother nature is the enhanced feelings of connectivity. Our relationship with nature is crucial as without it we would be unable to survive. Over the years humans have become more and more distanced from the natural world, as we turn our attention to material, modern-day distractions. 

At Constance Hotels & Resorts we aim to bring you back to nature. We encourage you to disconnect from your electronic devices and attune yourselves to beautiful surroundings – the tantalising waters of the Indian Ocean,  swaying palm trees, coconuts and sensational sunsets are ready to welcome you with open arms. 

Spending time in nature is an incredible way to strengthen bonds with your loved ones too, be it with your children, partner, friends or family. The act of exploring new places and getting active outdoors with loved ones can increase levels of both dopamine and oxytocin!

Constance Tsarabanjina. Image Credit @loicderobillard

Phenomenal Physical Health

Not only can nature hugely improve our mental well-being but our physical health too. It is no secret that exploring the great outdoors is good for our health, enabling us to stay in shape and keep fit. 

In polluted or indoor environments we have restricted access to fresh air so the body is required to work harder to get oxygen. In turn, this raises your blood pressure and heart rate – highlighting the benefits of being in natural, unpolluted environments. 

Spending more time in the incredible outdoors has endless benefits for both physical and mental health. Where would you like to explore the most? Perhaps the underwater world of Constance Moofushi in Maldives, or the sensational jungle zipline at Constance Ephelia in Seychelles? Let us know. 

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