Talking to the Wellness Holiday Experts at Constance Hotels & Resorts

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Offering tailored experiences designed to get the most out of guests’ Wellness Holiday, Constance Hotels & Resorts team works with relaxation, rejuvenation and well-being as a top priority. We spoke to the spa managers, about what a wellness vacation at Constance Hotels really means. 

Read on to find out why you should be considering one, what makes this location perfect, and how you can prepare.

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Why do you think a wellness holiday is beneficial?

Ajay  Kishtoo, Spa Manager at Constance Prince Maurice: It gives your mind and body a break from everyday pressures and allows you to participate in relaxing activities and experiences, such as massage therapy, yoga, nature therapy and meditation.  

Rajiv Maudhoo, Spa Manager at Constance Belle Mare Plage: A vacation is a perfect time to include wellness into your life, being away from the normal stresses gives you an opportunity to rest & recover as well as begin some self-nurturing activities that improve the body & mind. 

Doing this during a holiday can help start wellness habits to continue thereafter, a true rejuvenation.  

Shaji  Puthanpurayil, Spa Manager at Constance Moofushi: A wellness holiday allows you to reflect on your life, restore your energy, and renew your passion so that you can bounce back to busy life. 

It will be the chance to embrace the opportunity, where self-care and exercise are not chores, but a fun experience where you can make the most of the beautiful surroundings.

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What makes Constance Hotels & Resorts the perfect location to escape to and relax?

Ajay: Our weekly program is based on various wellness activities as well done indoor and outdoor classes in our fitness studio and Yoga garden. All our treatments are wellness-focused and designed to relax the body and mind.

Rajiv: ​​​​​​​Constance Spa is a wellness-focused brand – all our treatments are designed to relax, rejuvenate & detoxify the body & mind. Our spa products also reflect this focus using pure natural essential oils to beneficially target these objectives. 

We encourage being active with yoga and exercise in our fitness areas as well as in our beautiful tropical environments. 

Shaji: We do offer different kinds of wellness activities (indoor or outdoor) such as sunrise yoga, island run, aqua yoga, fitness sessions, sunset yoga, meditation sessions and more. We do have a wonderful location to accommodate guests to have yoga experiences nearby the sea to connect with nature.

How can guests get the most out of a wellness holiday?             

Ajay: Information is available upon reservation and our team are always helpful to plan and advising any programmes and is even tailor-made to satisfy our guest.

Rajiv: Our resorts are located in the most beautiful tropical environments with fresh air, sea & natural surroundings. 

Our facilities are also designed to relax & rejuvenate our guests, we also include wellness cuisine options in our outlets          

Shaji: Our talented team will ensure guests engage with different types of activities. Disconnect from daily busy life routine to connect with the natural experience and relax. Line with healthy culinary experience and encourage them to participate in more wellness practices.

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How can guests prepare themselves? 

Ajay: We recommend sending requirements upon booking so that we can prepare a specific program in advance or view our website for more information needed.

Rajiv: Guests can download our Spa Brochure from our website for the resort they are travelling to, or contact us to send them any details they need. We are here to help guide them in the most personal way

Shaji: We do recommend prior bookings for any specific objectives, therefore we may execute the customized programme for them. An online spa reservation link will be available once reserve the hotel as well as an online concierge to assist with.

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