Seychelles aquarium gives kids a chance to get close to marine life

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A new aquarium on Mahé featuring rare local marine life will give visitors the chance to learn more about the extraordinary underwater world of Seychelles.

The Eden Aquarium on Eden Island, has 33 tanks with a wide variety of local fish, eels, corals, anemones, starfish, sea urchins and even an octopus.


A great activity for the whole family

All of the sea creatures on view have been sustainably caught in the waters of the Seychelles rather than bred in captivity.

Divided into the various natural marine habitats found around the archipelago’s 115 islands, the tanks have been designed to recreate local seascapes including those of Fregate and Bird Island, as well as the marine life and plants of a mangrove wetland.

With an emphasis on education, particularly of the young, and the environmental issues facing the world’s oceans, the aquarium will provide guided tours and special educational events.

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