Scuba diving for beginners: Breakthrough moments

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You’ll never forget the first time all the scuba diving instructions and advice click into place and you discover the pure magic of floating underwater.

Feel the weightlessness within the water

Feel the weightlessness within the water

From hand signals to technical tips on using scuba equipment it can feel like there’s a lot to learn for a diver just starting out but with a series of breakthroughs along the way you’ll soon find yourself floating effortlessly in a stunning underwater world.

The moment you first regulate your breathing without panicking

You’re underwater with the words of your diving instructor telling you to ‘breathe normally’ ringing in your ears and suddenly breathing seems the least ‘normal’ thing you can imagine.

Your brain is consumed with the effort of breathing in and out and you’re missing everything going on around you. Suddenly you see a beautiful, colourful fish swim past and you watch in awe as it passes, calmly breathing in and out without thought. Congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step to becoming an experienced diver.

The moment you discover you can stay still suspended in water

Wonders of the ocean

Wonders of the ocean

There is nothing quite as entrancing as the feeling of weightlessness you discover when you finally stop ‘swimming’ and fiddling with your buoyancy compensator and realise that the water itself is carrying you. Like an astronaut without the confines of gravity you move in any direction you choose or just float motionless, taking in the beautiful underwater world that surrounds you.

Mastering controlled swimming with flippers

Flapping around underwater can make it very difficult to control your movements and leave you exhausted. A big kick of the flippers can send you much further than you might have intended, so an important breakthrough is the moment when you discover that slow, controlled movements are all that’s needed. That’s when you find that staying in one place, examining one small area of reef, allows you to really see the wonder of what’s right before your eyes.

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