Photographer and Instagrammer brahmino shares beauty of Seychelles

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Italian-based Photographer Simone Bramante has shared a series of beautiful, evocative shots of Constance Ephélia while visiting as part of our #MyConstanceMoment Instatrip.

Bramante believes in telling stories through photographs so check out the tale of his recent family break to Ephélia, as told through the stunning photos on his Instagram feed @brahmino.

From shots of his son playing on a rope swing above a white-sand beach to a bird’s-eye view of the secluded Hillside Villa he called ‘home’ during his stay, Bramante has captured the colours and essence of the Seychelles in his Instagram shots.


“Playing in the morning shine, trying to fix in my mind details I’m in love with, one little thing at time.”


“Dear Boy, I can not be happier than to see you interact well with this wonderful nature. Your daddy.”


“The Sun Goes To Sleep”


“No one around, just (a little) me diving in the history of Planet Earth.”


“What Cinzia and I call it home during our days in Seychelles. Private life and silence in the middle of the jungle, facing the Ocean.”

Discover more beautiful shots shared by leading Instagrammers as part of our #MyConstanceMoments Instatrip, in which 7 Instagrammers were each invited to visit a different Constance hotel or resort, on our Storify page and Constance Instagram.

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