New Experiences Are Waiting For You At Constance Halaveli

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Life is all about taking part in new experiences and making unforgettable memories that stay with you.
Here at Constance Halaveli Maldives, we have introduced some new extraordinary, exceptional experiences that we are excited to share with you all.

Get ready to be left in awe…

Why Do People Go To Constance Halaveli?

Constance Halaveli is the perfect destination of choice if you are looking for an indulgent time away from where you can be pampered and let the stresses of everyday life drift away.

Through our various, unforgettable activities, we put our guests’ well-being at the focus and ensure self-care and rejuvenation is at the forefront of our minds with everything we do.

Constance Halaveli isn’t just a resort, it’s an experience.

The question is, are you ready to join us? Here are all the new experiences waiting for you at Constance Halaveli:

1. A Wine Journey Of A Lifetime

Experiencing wine for what it truly is is an enjoyable experience.

For this new experience, you have the chance to meet our wine expert going on a private tour of Halaeveli wine cellars and enjoy a private class with our Sommelier.

Get ready to learn about the award-winning wine and its sources; with our lagoon wine tasting experience. 

If you are feeling competitive, then why not take part in our weekly wine blind tasting contest. This complimentary experience will put your wine knowledge to the test…

If you fancy getting active, then why not kayak over to our sandbank island and when the sun starts to set dine under the stars with your feet in the sand and a glass of wine in hand.

2. A Holistic Journey Like No Other

Are you looking to feel rejuvenated and give yourself that well-deserved dose of self-care?

Then our holistic journey could be for you…

This experience will take you on a journey to help you make lifestyle changes and learn about health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results.

So what can you expect from this experience?

Personalised Programme:

Before you arrive our team will be developed a personalised programme to retune your body and reset your mind.
After further consultations in person, your genuinely transformative holistic journey begins the moment your toes touch our sandy Indian Ocean shores.


Our nutrition expert, also a gastronomic chef, will target your specific health issues with delicious appropriate cuisine and from your very first meal, you will be actively improving your health.


Meet our yoga guru, who will focus on your emotional and spiritual wellness helping you manage stress. With guided meditation, you will discover a new equilibrium. Each morning there is a yoga session on the soft sand, stretching your body, slowing your breathing, and putting you in rhythm with the lap of waves.


The in-house physical fitness instructor, will assess your mobility and show you how to be stronger to prevent pain, improve cardiovascular health and manage weight. This may be in the gym, on the sports courts or during aqua exercises.


The programme also includes massages. Our spa therapist will melt away muscle tensions and enliven all your senses with a Signature Spa Ritual. 3 key points: the therapeutic touch of hands, the sound of the ocean, and the scent of the island, ylang-ylang. 

When this experience draws to an end, you will feel stronger, lighter and full of positive thoughts and feelings.

3. The Ultimate True By Nature Journey

Drift away on the secluded isolated sandbank, located off the shores of Constance Halaveli. Float over shoals of fish and sleep beneath the starry universe, this experience is pure therapy for the soul.

Your Ultimate True By Nature Journey starts with you setting off our Maldivian atoll on a 10-minutes speedboat trip across the Indian Ocean to your castaway islet.  A night on this deserted oasis, is one of the rarest experiences you could ever choose.

All you have to do is relax, as you will have your sandbank butlers to assist you. They will be ready and waiting to prepare a delicious Halaveli picnic lunch and a BBQ dinner. At night-time they will keep the bonfire burning, letting you end the night in awe.

World-class diving: Looking for a more adventurous journey? Rest assured, we have that on the programme too! With your snorkelling equipment, step off the sandy lip of your sandbank and dive into the clear sapphire sea to spy on the colourful aquatic life.

Daring divers, we have something for you too: why not dive under the deep blue to witness first-hand the “Highly 18”, a cargo vessel sunk in 1991.

4. A Bespoke Villa, Personalised With You In Mind

How do you personalise paradise? Well, our Bespoke Villa Experience is all about that and is sure to please the most discerning one of you 😉
From sun rays to manta rays, we invite you to personalise your holiday with us when you choose the ‘Bespoke Villa Experience’.

Personalise paradise choosing details in design, fragrance and sounds. Make your Halaveli villa your heavenly home, lift your spirits and feel truly alive. 

Here’s what our bespoke villa experience consists of :


Secluded above the soft blue ocean create your perfect sleep cloud with our pillow menu which includes our aroma pillow, NASA designed memory foam and a 100% natural buckwheat pillow.


Fragrance your villa interior with your desired alluring scents to create the perfect ambience.

Sight & sound:

Select soft furnishings in the colours you like, that best matches your emotions and pick your chilled Halaveli playlist.


Choose your daily booster drink and your morning to experience the Halaveli floating breakfast in your private pool.  

And the True by Nature touch:

Discover and get to know your chosen holiday destination inside out. Included on a complimentary basis, our Nature Guidebook is for those who are curious to know how old Halaveli is compared to the reef from which it was born for instance. Or even which trees grow on the atoll and how they came there.

Wildlife lovers, you will be pleased to know that there’s some fantastic wildlife on the Halaveli atoll. Ghost Crabs, Variable Lizard, Flying Fox, Terns and White-breasted Waterhen are just to name a few.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Constance Halaveli and we are excited to offer our new and unique experiences.

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