Mindfulness in Mauritius: 7 ways to relax at Constance Prince Maurice

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and feel consumed by the everyday stresses of life. Juggling between work and family can be daunting.
But, are you doing the right thing to relax and recharge? Are you taking time to be present and practice mindfulness?
Whether it’s learning to dive or taking time to reconnect with nature, Constance Prince Maurice is the perfect setting to allow you to recharge and bring your attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.

Spend the day at the beach

Did you know that Vitamin D is excellent to help you feel your best?
Besides instructing your cells to absorb calcium and phosphorus — two minerals that are essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones; it also gives you a healthy and happy tan!

Moreover, the calming effect of the lapping ocean is excellent for the mind. It helps you to go into a meditative state which is believed to reduce stress levels, improve mental clarity, and improve your mood.

A day at the beach by @ashmiraphillips

Spend the day on the tranquil beach at Constance Prince Maurice. Home to one of the most idyllic beaches in Mauritius.
The luscious palm trees and sapphire water provides the perfect setting for you to disconnect and appreciate the moment.

We don’t know about you but we’re already packing our beach bag!

Go diving 

Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a beginner, diving is an excellent way to help you be present in the moment. As you are encouraged to focus on your breathing and your movement, divers often note that being submerged into deep water creates a wave of calmness. With such a strong focus on breathing techniques, it forces you to be present in the moment and as a largely independent activity, it gives you space to be alone with your thoughts.

Submerging yourself deep in water can also produce healing effects, including generating the sensation of being in your mother’s womb, making you feel protected, secure and calm. In addition to this, the bright colours that are present in marine life like fish and reefs can trigger the sensation of happiness, improving your mood. While you kick your flippers and diving deeper you will discover a new underwater world, causing your body to be flooded with excitement and awe. The Mauritian water that surrounds Constance Prince Maurice is inhabited by some of the most beautiful and unique creatures in the world for you to meet and swim alongside. Somebody pass us a wetsuit.

Watch the sunset

365 days a year, Constance Prince Maurice is blessed with some of the most vibrant and stunning sunsets in the world – so why not take advantage of this by making time to catch one. Sunset is a visual representation of how a moment is temporary and it will soon pass, so it is important to be in the present and enjoy now. Watching the gradual passing of time allows you to be in the moment and truly realise how beautiful the process is.

Presidential Villa at Constance Prince Maurice by @andre_seiler

Whether you wander down to the white sand beach, soak in the view from your balcony or gaze out while sipping of a cocktail at the bar, we’d highly recommend taking time to enjoy this unique experience. Who needs a television or a phone when you have sunsets like ours?

Take a yoga class 

Got an hour to spare? Why not take yourself to a yoga class. Not only it is a great way to stay healthy, but yoga also helps to quieten the mind, encourages you to pay attention to your body and focus on your breathing. It’s a great way to listen to your body and challenge it when needed, often helping improve brain function. If this wasn’t enough of a reason for you to take a class, yoga and the accompany meditation results in our bodies producing higher serotonin levels (happiness hormones).

Yoga at Constance Prince Maurice

We have a number of expert yoga instructors who will guide you through your yoga session at Constance Prince Maurice while you look out at the beautiful Mauritius scenery.
Our favourite yoga place though is the beach!

Meditate in a secluded spot.

A key element for mediation is finding the perfect setting which is comfortable and distraction-free – so why not try a hammock? Leaving your phone in your room and getting away to a secluded spot, allows you to be alone with your thoughts without interruption. As visual elements and noise can act as an interruption when practising mediation, removing yourself from the distractions of your room creates spaces for you meditate, reduce any intense emotions that may take over, producing a sense of calm and clarity.

Found dotted around our resort, hammocks and tucked away swings act as an idyllic and isolated setting for you to relax process your thoughts.
If anyone needs us, we’ll be swinging away our cares in a beachfront hammock.

Beachfront Hammock by @bucketlistb

Take a bike ride into nature

Believe it or not, cycling provided similar benefits to the act of meditation. Much like meditating, cycling allows us to focus our consciousness and awareness into just one place- riding the bike. Taking a bike out and exploring the scenery helps ground us and reconnect with our natural self.

If you want to discover the lush Mauritian surrounding our resort at your own pace, why you rent out one of our many bicycles – suitable for most ages. So, whether you go for a quick ride or spend the afternoon exploring the island, pop your helmet on and get peddling.

Constance Spa 

We can often find it hard to take time out of our day to treat our mind and body, however, booking yourself to a massage when you’re feeling anxious or stressed is the perfect excuse to do this. Studies have proven that a 60-minute massage can lower the stress hormone cortisol by up to 30% in just one session – so it’s definitely worth treating yourself to one. As well as significantly reducing cortisol levels, indulging in a massage significantly helps alleviate any symptoms that are trigger when you are feeling stressed or anxious, including muscle tension and even sleep disturbance.

Constance Spa

Decorated by lush foliage and full of calming scents, the spa at Constance Prince Maurice is here to help you indulge in a little pampering, allowing you to feel centred and relaxed.
From your back to your legs, wherever you are carrying your tension, our therapist will match you with your perfect treatment.

Anyone for a massage?

If you liked the mindfulness options mentioned above, here’s a treat for you: A 50% discount for your next stay at Constance Prince Maurice.
Seize it while it lasts!

How do you practice mindfulness? Have you tried any of these methods before? Let us know in the comments below!

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