Meet The Turtles Of Constance Hotels & Resorts 

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Across all Constance Hotels & Resorts, mesmerising nature surrounds and is home to some of the world’s most magical creatures including the Hawksbill Turtles. 

Guests can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the resorts and also help to conserve the wonderful environment through many initiatives.

Read on to find out how you can help the turtles that frequent the breathtaking shores of the Indian Ocean during your trip.

Protecting the Turtles Nests 

The soft powdery beaches of Constance Hotels & Resorts are the perfect spot for Turtles to lay their eggs. Employees protect these nests as best as possible. They monitor nests and date them so guests can find out when they will hatch.

The turtle Manager at Constance Lemuria, Robert Matombe, conducts daily beach patrols watching for turtles’ tracks and nests in the sand, and relocating the eggs when the location is not safe enough. 

This program started in 2015 under the guidance of Dr Jeanne Mortimer who is famously known in the Seychelles as “Madame Torti”. Guests can join in on these morning patrols and make a fantastic contribution to preserving the glorious environment. 

Assisting The Hatchlings 

Lucky guests can hope to spot the first steps of the turtle hatchlings, as they emerge from the golden sand and make their way down the beach towards the turquoise Indian Ocean.

This is a magical and bucket-list worthy event to behold. Guests can spot the hatchlings on the beach or whilst snorkelling. Last year the number of Hawksbill turtle nests at Constance Lemuria reached 28. There has been an average of 5,000 eggs have hatched each year.

If some turtles cannot reach the sea by themselves they are kept and fed. The small hatchlings are then trained on a daily basis until their chances of surviving are greater. Guests are encouraged to participate in the training to help give the young turtles the best start in life.

Rescuing The Turtles

Due to the current season change in the Maldives, there has been an increase of turtles caught in ghost nets. Staff have been trained to know how to respond in this situation. By equipping people around the island with this knowledge, Turtles in distress can quickly be spotted and saved.

Regular beach and reef cleanups are conducted with employees and guests are invited along to ensure this turquoise ocean is pristine and most of all safe. This helps to keep the Turtles safe.

Fun Fact: Constance Lemuria is also home to small fresh water terrapins. We have used this as a sustainable stuffed mascot “Soupap”.Guests can place “Soupap” our eco-turtle on their bed to notify that they do not wish their bed linen to be changed every day.

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Education and Training

Constance Hotels & Resorts have also designed and developed a programme of education and awareness activities. An interest in turtles are encouraged, as part of the Kids Club.

Children can get the chance to learn about the different characteristics of a sea turtle, how to measure them, check their gender, age and also how to approach these peaceful creatures safely.

We have activities for all ages and participation is encouraged. Guests can find a fulfilling and exciting experience which will leave them with lifelong memories, not to mention some amazing knowledge of the Turtles.

Would you like to come and see the turtles? Let us know in the comments. 

To read more about the other sustainability initiatives, click here.

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