Marie Claire’s beauty director offers tips for long-haul flying

tips for long-haul flying
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Find out how beauty professionals prevent the effects of long-haul flights showing on their skin with Marie Claire’s beauty director Lisa Oxenham’s inflight beauty tips.

tips for long-haul flying

Cleanse, moisturise & sleep

Filmed on a recent flight to Constance Ephélia, Seychelles, Lisa runs through her in-flight skincare routine from make-up remover and beauty elixir to skin food and eye masks to keep her skin as moisturised as possible.

‘I hate everything about flying: the attack of desert-dry air on my skin, the ankle-puffing pressure and the ghastly germs,’ Oxenham explains but with a careful routine of moisturising, healthy nutrients-rich food and exercise she believes she’s ‘cracked it’.

Let your skin breathe

Her first advice is to ‘ditch the base,’ she claims to have interviewed many celebrities who all agree that foundation should never be worn on a long-haul flight. ‘Let your skin breathe, keep it as clean as possible in the recycled air and add moisture at intervals.’

Oxenham’s other tips include avoiding airline food by packing healthy snacks, taking a cashmere blanket or scarf to help you get comfortable and sleep and exercising as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Oxenham was at Constance Ephélia shooting a number of beauty stories for forthcoming issues of Marie Claire.

Read ‘A beauty director’s guide to surviving a long-haul flight’ and watch Lisa Oxenham’s inflight skincare video on

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