Lessons in Luxury: 5* holidays in the Maldives

Aerial view of Constance Halaveli Maldives
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In a recent article in the Mail Online we were delighted to see Constance Halaveli and Moofushi crowned as jewels of the Maldives.

While different in their style and ambiance, Halaveli and Moofushi are singled out by Mail Online journalist Tammy Hughes as delivering a “lesson in luxury”.

Breakfast on the deck at Constance Moofushi Maldives

Not all 5* holidays are made the same, and at Constance it’s the emphasis on the experiences we create for people that inspires them to share the stories from their holiday when they return home.

From al fresco late-night private cinema viewings on the beach to diving up close with manta rays and learning how to navigate the wine menu with our friendly sommeliers – these tailor made experiences mean our guests enjoy a holiday that feels entirely personal to them.

“…many of the guests on Halaveli choose not to stray too far from their rooms and it’s easy to see why as even the most ‘basic’ accommodation comes with its own infinity pool… Halaveli is the sort of place you can imagine Madonna or Angelina coming to top up the tan and have bit of R&R.

Many guests try at least one spa treatment while on holiday here, and at Moofushi you can watch the fish during your treatment as they swim beneath you through the glass floor:

The Spa experience at Constance Moofushi Maldives

“The spa at Moofushi is a series of water villas which have a glass wall allowing you to look out on the crystal clear sea (the pictures don’t do it justice – it’s more than just ‘blue’).

But best of all the floors also have a glass window, so if you can fight the urge not to close your eyes you can watch the fish swim by while you get a massage.”

These touches have earned Halaveli and Moofushi a reputation for exceptional service and attention to detail. Read the article in full hereand find out more about Constance luxury on our website and discover what’s on offer at each of our 7 hotels and resorts in Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles and Madagascar. 

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